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Tools of the Trade: What HVAC Technicians Use to Get the Job Done Friday, May 26th, 10:09 AM
HVAC experts in Niles, MI talk about the most commonly used tools and equipment in their line of work

Niles, United States - May 19, 2023 / AirLux Heating & Cooling /

HVAC Contractors Reveal What's Inside Their Fully Stocked Trucks

Ever wondered what's inside an HVAC contractor's busy little truck? For those who want to know what the pros keep inside this warehouse on wheels that allow them to fix HVAC problems on the spot, read on to find out!

Manual Tools Are The Minimum

toolsIf there's one thing heating and cooling technicians can't work without, it's hand tools. These tools are the minimum requirement for any work to be accomplished. They're so necessary even homeowners who don't do any HVAC work likely have these tools in their toolboxes at home. We're discussing commonly used tools like screwdrivers, flashlights, pliers, and cutters.

HVAC technicians can't work without Philips and Flathead screwdrivers with insulated handles. Both are required to gain access to a variety of equipment that needs to be checked or repaired. Flashlights help them see better through ductwork and help them navigate equipment that is stowed away in dark, unlit areas of the house. Pliers are necessary for handling natural gas lines and plumbing systems, while cutters are used to manipulate different types of sheet metal needed for HVAC systems.

Equipment For Safety

All kinds of work carry different levels of inherent risk, which heating and cooling contractors are familiar with and face daily. In performing their duties, HVAC professionals contend with electrical hazards, chemical exposure, and respiratory risks. Safety equipment is a must when HVAC technicians are on the job. Some things that help keep them safe include gloves to protect their skin and hands from cuts, wounds, and chemical burns; masks to prevent respiratory exposure to toxic substances and goggles that shield their eyes from chemical residue and flying debris that could cause eye damage.

Tools for Special Occasions

toolsWhile most HVAC work can be accomplished with the most commonly used hand tools, HVAC technicians face some extraordinary situations that call for specialized HVAC tools to address very specific problems that wouldn't have been resolvable otherwise. Here are just some of these highly specialized tools:

  • Vacuum pumps - these pumps are essential for sucking air and moisture out of air conditioning lines. This helps prevent clogs and keeps drain lines flowing to properly remove any moisture that collects in the system.
  • Leak detectors - as the name implies, leak detectors are meant to determine if a leak is present in the air conditioning system. Finding a leak and its location is important to fix it and get the AC up and running again.
  • Coil fin straighteners - an AC outdoor condensing unit has aluminum coil fins that move warm air away from the unit while running. Still, because these fins are delicate and easily bent, it is necessary to keep them straight using coil fin straighteners.

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