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Why Schedule AC Maintenance? Friday, May 26th, 10:00 AM
Scheduling Air Conditioner Tune-Ups During Spring At Your Mint Hill, NC Home Can Have Advantages

Charlotte, United States - May 19, 2023 / Air Care Heating and Cooling /

Schedule AC Maintenance Before the Heat of Summer!

Scheduling air conditioner maintenance in the spring can have many benefits, including letting a technician inspect the unit before the hot temperatures arrive to ensure it’s working properly. Learn other benefits of scheduling AC maintenance services in the spring, including more availability, energy bill savings, and a longer unit lifespan. 

More Availability for Scheduling

calendar AC contractors fill up their schedules quickly in the summer. As the peak time for air conditioner services, technicians get most of their repair and maintenance calls. That means homeowners will likely have less flexibility regarding available appointments if they wait to schedule services until the hot weather arrives. 

Instead of waiting until more people start using their AC in hot weather and then notice issues that need repairs, beat the rush and schedule AC tune-up in the spring. 

Keep the AC Running Efficiently All Summer

When technicians inspect the air conditioner, they perform a full inspection. This means they will check to ensure the system is operating efficiently and look at the components to ensure they are working. They will also perform cleaning services to remove debris from coils, change filters, and other tasks. 

Performing these services will not only let technicians identify which parts need to be repaired or replaced, but it will also improve the unit’s energy efficiency. This can result in savings on energy bills. 

Make the AC Unit Last Longer

acRegular air conditioner maintenance on the AC system can help it last longer. 

Typically, air conditioners can last around 15 years. Letting professionals frequently inspect, clean, and maintain the system can help the system reach this age. Replacing worn parts and removing rust and other signs of corrosion can reduce the wear and tear on the unit. 

Generally, AC contractors recommend having the AC unit tuned up and inspected at least once a year. If homeowners are running it more often, are putting more wear and tear on it, or if it’s an older unit, they should schedule these more often.

Having annual AC maintenance services performed can allow the system to last longer - allowing homeowners to prolong having to replace it. 

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