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Plumbing Experts in San Antonio, TX, Share Bathroom Upgrade Ideas for Mother’s Day

San Antonio, United States - May 19, 2023 / A&A Plumbing /

Turn Any Bathroom into a Magnificent Oasis With These Three Upgrades

Bathroom remodeling may seem like a costly endeavor to some homeowners. Those two words could bring visions of contractors stomping through the house for a week or more, tearing out everything to replace it with all new stuff. And while this certainly is one way to go, many homeowners don’t realize that upgrading the bathroom doesn’t have to be a big deal. Nor does it have to be expensive. 

Simple upgrades can go a long way toward transforming a simple bathroom into a relaxing oasis. And with Mother’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time. Learn three ways to upgrade the bathroom without breaking the bank or putting a kink in the normal household schedule. 

Showerhead Replacement: Low Cost and High Value

shower headFor those who want to start simply, a new showerhead could be the ideal upgrade. There’s a showerhead for anyone’s personality these days. Among the most popular styles is the showerhead with a built-in speaker — ideal for anyone who likes to sing in the shower. But models are also available with LED lights, turning a chore into a relaxing or energizing experience. If mom would enjoy both, some models come with built-in speakers and LED lights. Another luxurious favorite is the rain showerhead, which uses gravity to provide a relaxing rainfall-like experience in the shower. 

For a more practical upgrade, there’s the low-flow showerhead. These showerheads use different tactics to reduce water waste during the shower. Of course, new sensor-operated showerheads are on the market now that reduce water flow when it isn’t needed and resume strong flow when it’s time to rinse. These are great for anyone who wants to save water and, in turn, save money. 

Bathtub Installation for Maximum Relaxation

tubAnother great option for upgrading the bathroom is installing or replacing the bathtub. Everyone knows that soaking in a warm bath can promote relaxation, but other proven health benefits exist. They promote restful sleep and muscle relaxation. Baths also reduce anxiety and stress, helping people recover and recharge. They may also help lower high blood pressure, which can greatly affect overall heart health. 

While the specific type of tub is a matter of preference, there are plenty of options. For a unique design, many homeowners opt for the free-standing bathtub. These come in different styles, from classic clawfoot to more modern designs, and are great for deep bathing. For those with the space, a large corner bathtub with jets and room for two could be the best bet. Of course, most homes also have modern upgrades to the traditional alcove and drop-in tubs.  

Aesthetic Upgrades 

Those looking to do more of a complete bathroom upgrade will want to consider replacing the sink and faucets. As is the case with bathtubs, many different styles of the sink are available, from free-standing and drop-in to pedestal and vessel sinks. And upgrading the bathroom faucet along with the sink is always a good idea. The most popular type this year is the touchless faucet. These operate on sensors and help keep things sanitary. Of course, all kinds of single and double-handle faucets are also available. 

Whether upgrading the showerhead or the whole bathroom, it’s always a good idea to contact a professional plumber to ensure the fixture is properly installed. The plumbing technician can also answer questions about installing new fixtures, making the entire process quick and easy from start to finish.  

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