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Go Pro Handyman Services Answers: "What Does a Handyman Do?" Friday, March 17th, 9:00 PM
How Can a Handyman Help With Home Repairs?

Folsom, United States - March 17, 2023 / Go Pro Handyman Services /

How Can a Handyman Help With Home Repairs?

Typical homeowners will probably need home repairs at least a few times per year. Home repair problems can range from minor, such as plumbing issues, to major, such as rotting drywall. Regardless of the problem, homeowners will want an experienced professional handyman. The team at Go Pro Handyman Services is here to answer the question: “What does a handyman do?” 

Handyman Services Address Most Major Household Maintenance and Repair Tasks

A handyman is an industry professional who performs a variety of tasks for homeowners, from repairs and installation to maintenance jobs. The team members at Go Pro Handyman Services are skilled trade professionals offering residential and commercial services. 

Unlike a plumber or electrician focusing on one trade, a handyman is proficient in multiple areas. Typical jobs for a handyman include the following:

  • Installing fixtures
  • Painting
  • Window repair/replacement
  • Small appliance repair
  • Drywall installation
  • Power washing
  • Minor electrical repairs
  • General yard work
  • Gutter repair/installation
  • Flooring installation/repair
  • Drain cleaning

Homeowners call on the services of a handyman when they need repairs or installation without inspection or licensing requirements. The professional team at Go Pro Handyman Services is highly experienced in several types of work and strives to offer superior quality. 

Handyman Services Are Beneficial for Home and Business Owners

Below are just a few of the benefits of hiring professional handyman services from Go Pro Handyman Services.


If a house has multiple problems, it can be frustrating to call several professionals to handle each issue. A handyman can solve several issues simultaneously, saving homeowners valuable time. A handyman can fix a broken vent, replace your drywall, and mow the yard in the same session. 

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring a handyman is also cost-effective. Having one handyman perform several tasks for an hourly rate prevents homeowners from having to call and pay multiple contractors. Handyman work is typically minor, so prices are usually lower than specialized contractors. 

Maintenance and Repair

A handyman also handles minor maintenance and repair to keep a home running. Homeowners can rely on a handyman to keep their drains clean and prevent any problems with gutters and flooring. 

Go Pro Handyman Services: Serving Folsom, CA

So, what does a handyman do? Practically anything homeowners need! Go Pro Handyman Services is proud to provide industry-leading handyman services in Folsom. With 24/7 emergency services and a one-year workmanship warranty, Go Pro Handyman Services is homeowners’ first choice for reliable handyman services in Folsom, CA.

Send a message online or call today at (916) 668-5318 to receive an estimate!

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