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Holmes Cabinet Specialties on Maintaining and Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets Friday, March 17th, 8:00 PM
Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Everything You Need To Know

Beaumont, United States - March 17, 2023 / Holmes Cabinet Specialties, LLC /

Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets: Everything You Need To Know

cleaning wood kitchen cabinets

Holmes Cabinet Specialties is Houston's premier custom wood cabinet installer, providing high-end, luxury wood cabinets with soft-closing details and one-year warranties on all work. As trusted custom cabinet makers in Houston, the team wants to provide helpful tips on how to clean wood kitchen cabinets so owners can make the most of their new products.

How to Clean Wood Cabinets

Wooden kitchen cabinets are naturally porous, so they have protective barrier coatings to prevent water and bacteria absorption. Cleaning wood cabinets requires specific cleaning products and methods to protect the cabinet's outer coating. The basic steps for cleaning kitchen cabinets are as follows:

  1. Begin with a soft cloth: Cabinet doors and frames require a soft, wet microfiber cloth that won't harm the outer coating.
  2. Use liquid dishwashing detergent: Create a cleaning solution with warm water and mild grease-cutting dish soap, like Dawn dish soap. Apply in circular motions with light pressure.
  3. Wipe cabinets with a clean cloth: Wipe each cabinet door and frame clean with water, then dry using a microfiber cloth. While painted cabinets can wick water, wood can absorb it, so do not leave any surfaces wet.

These steps can be used to spot clean after splashing food, for weekly cleaning on greasy kitchen cabinets, or seasonal deep cleaning on dirty cabinets. For spot-cleaning stained cabinets, use a toothbrush or damp cloth and a bit of elbow grease. For weekly or seasonal total cleans, use a spray bottle for easy, widespread applications.

What to Avoid on Wood Cabinets

Homeowners should avoid using the following on wood cabinets:

  • Vegetable oil and olive oil, can spoil
  • Abrasive tools, like steel wool
  • Vinegar, which can dissolve the outer coating
  • Waxes and polishes, which can attract more dirt and grime

Baking soda is a subject of debate in the wood-cleaning industry. While baking soda may effectively clean greasy cabinets, it may dissolve the outer protective coating. If necessary, test the solution in a small hidden area first.

About Holmes Cabinet Specialties

Holmes Cabinet Specialties has 15 years of experience providing high-quality cabinets custom-built for each kitchen's feel and design. Every cabinet comes with soft-closing features, one-year warranties, and luxury finishes as standard. Contact Holmes Cabinet Specialties at (409) 543-2706 to schedule a free estimate on custom cabinets in Houston, Beaumont, or the surrounding areas in Southeast Texas.

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