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United States - March 15, 2023 / StreetBridge Media /

As a business owner, you've undoubtedly realized that digital marketing is essential whether your business is large or small. However, for many business owners, navigating the ever-changing digital world can be difficult when you're also trying to run your business. 

That's where StreetBridge Media comes in, offering you digital marketing in Atlanta, GA, that can help transform your digital marketing strategy one piece at a time. We're the team to call from local search engine optimization to google ads and landing pages. Continue reading to learn about just one piece of the puzzle - the landing page.

Why Is a Landing Page Important for Digital Marketing in Atlanta, GA

Why is it important to have a landing page? You may be wondering why you need to make separate pages that visitors to your website will be sent to when they click on calls to action. After all, landing pages take time, and depending on your services, you may need a lot. The fact of the matter is, landing pages are essential, especially if you hope to generate leads.

Landing Pages Generate Leads

Your website only has three main goals at its heart. First, you need to tell your story in a different, interesting, and emotional way. Then, you need to bring in new people to your business and turn those people into leads.

Landing pages are important because they help you get leads, start the process of qualifying them, and then move them through your sales process until they become new customers.

Studies have shown that marketers are more likely to get leads if they send traffic to landing pages instead of the home page. The landing page is the best and easiest way for your sales team to get more leads.

Your customers want to find the information they need quickly. They don't want to look for better deals. They want to get what they came for and then leave, only coming back if they need to or if there is something worth coming back for.

Landing pages are very specific and are made to give visitors exactly what they want with as little trouble as possible. To turn visitors into leads, you need them.

Landing Pages Help Track Data

You can track data from landing pages to help determine your prospects' interest. You'll find out, for example, if a prospect has downloaded more than one offer or signed up for more than one webinar. This means the prospect is very interested and likely to buy soon.

You can also track and analyze the data on your landing pages to learn more about how well your marketing offers are doing. You can compare data from different offers to find out what's working and not, which will help you improve your marketing.

Landing page data includes the amount of time spent on the page, the number of exits or bounces, and the number of leads generated by the page.

It's important to compare your landing pages to each other and set a standard for how well your landing pages work. Since every company, industry, and visitor is different, it is much more important to have your own benchmarks than to do a Google search and compare your performance to how landing pages generally do.

Talk With StreetBridge Media About Your Landing Pages and More

At StreetBridge Media, landing pages are just part of the digital marketing strategy we can create for your business. Our services help expand your customer base and bring awareness to your brand. We offer customized digital marketing strategies focused on what you need most. Connect with a team member today to find out how we can help you. StreetBridge Media is your digital consultant in Atlanta, GA.

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