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Fairbanks, United States - March 15, 2023 / Prospector Plumbing and Heating /

If you’re considering installing a new water heater or hiring a professional to do it for you, it’s critical to understand the risks of doing so wrong. Inadequate installation can lead to faults and costly repairs in the future. At Prospector Plumbing, we’ll look at what occurs when your water heater in Fairbanks, AK, is placed incorrectly and how to avoid it.

What You Should Know About Water Heater Installation in Fairbanks, AK

Incorrect Installation Poses a Risk to Safety

The water heater is an important feature of many families, but it, like all household appliances, poses safety dangers. Electric water heaters, when installed incorrectly, represent a risk of fire, electric shock, and burns from scalding hot water. Improper venting of gas-powered models might result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Worse, faulty installation may void your warranty, preventing you from being compensated for any ensuing damages or repairs.

Problems Associated with Poor Installation

Leaks caused by faulty connections between the tank and its pipes can waste energy and produce moisture in your home. Unexpected temperature swings may also occur as a result of inadequate thermostat settings or poor insulation of the pipes running away from the tank. Furthermore, inappropriate sizing of gas-powered models might result in wasteful fuel usage. This not only results in higher energy bills but it may also signal another problem, such as an inadequate combustion air supply or an undersized flue pipe.

Preventing Improper Installation

Hiring a licensed, trained professional who knows how to properly size and install your unit according to local code standards and manufacturer instructions is the best approach to ensure the proper installation of your water heater. In addition, hiring a professional ensures that the job is done correctly, avoiding problems caused by poor installation or safety dangers produced by faulty setups.

For various reasons, having a professional install your water heater is a wise decision. Professional installation will give you peace of mind because you will know that all connections and preventative maintenance were completed to the highest standards. Water heater installation specialists have the knowledge to rapidly and successfully install your water heater with the least disruption to your lifestyle. Professional installation can also assist in extending the lifespan of your water heater and reduce the energy expenses connected with its operation, allowing you to optimize its value over time. Professional water heater installation is an investment in efficiency, comfort, and ease that everyone should consider.

Choose Prospector Plumbing for a Great Experience!

If homeowners with some DIY experience feel comfortable doing so, they can install their own water heaters; nevertheless, this comes with some dangers associated with faulty setup and safety threats provided by improper installation procedures. To minimize these risks and potential warranty voiding—it’s best to employ a licensed professional rather than attempting DIY installation on their own. Customers will ultimately save money and stress by hiring someone who knows what they’re doing! If you are interested in water heater installation in Fairbanks, AK, please visit us today at Prospector Plumbing!

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