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We Offer High-Quality Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Grand Rapids, MI Friday, March 17th, 7:05 PM
Progressive Painting & Coatings Is the Company to Go to for Excellent Epoxy Flooring Services

Wyoming, United States - March 15, 2023 / Progressive Painting & Coatings /

Progressive Painting & Coatings can assist you with industrial epoxy flooring in Grand Rapids, MI. Progressive Painting and Coatings has painted and applied epoxy coating to over 10,000 commercial and residential properties over 25 years. We can handle jobs of any complexity, whether for large-scale food manufacturers or industrial warehouses.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Grand Rapids, MI, Comes With Benefits

Industrial epoxy flooring is a durable, cost-effective option for warehouse and industrial flooring. It is resistant to oil, grease, and other typical industrial contaminants. As a result, it is the ideal choice for all types of businesses, from auto repair shops to manufacturing plants. Industrial epoxy requires little maintenance over time, resulting in long-term cost savings. This type of flooring is not only resistant to chemicals and heavy foot traffic, but it also improves employee safety and reduces the number of slips, trips, and falls. Industrial epoxy is an excellent choice for facility managers looking for a dependable, cost-effective alternative that provides superior protection.

To Keep Your Epoxy Floor in Good Condition, Maintenance Is Required

Floor maintenance is an important part of homeowners' and business owners' property maintenance routines. To keep its appearance, epoxy flooring must be maintained regularly. When dirt and other particles are removed from epoxy floors, they last longer and wear less. The most crucial step in the process is to sweep the surface regularly; sweeping it at least twice per week can keep it clean and polished. Waxing the floor once every six months and adding shine can help build a protective coating on it and is recommended for the best results. Cleaning up any spills as soon as they occur is critical to help prevent staining, which can occur with an epoxy floor over time. In a nutshell, epoxy flooring requires some maintenance, but if properly cared for, this type of flooring can withstand years of use and abuse without showing signs of wear.

The Floor Preparation Process at Progressive Painting & Coatings 

Preparing the floor surface before applying the product is necessary to ensure that the epoxy adheres appropriately and forms a bond with the surface. We know that a properly prepared surface will achieve a better bond with our epoxy floors and will last up to five times as long. We will grind, shoot, blast, or scarify the surface depending on how the floor is constructed. Our trained and certified floor coating technicians perform each method of surface preparation with great care. By taking the necessary precautions, we ensure that we are not contributing to dust or environmental contamination issues.

Excellent Application Process

Because our floor coating specialists have perfected the application process, we understand that having a properly prepared substrate is critical to the success of our epoxy flooring system. We make use of cutting-edge and up-to-date equipment. Our floor coating technicians will ensure that your floor systems are expertly installed promptly and professionally, with as little disruption to your plant's operations as possible.

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Progressive Painting & Coatings, headquartered in Grand Rapids, is widely regarded as one of the Midwest's most successful and comprehensive painting and epoxy flooring businesses. We serve customers in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Over 10,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers have trusted us, and we have earned their trust. 

Our ambition is to become the leading provider of industrial painting services and coatings in the Midwest of the United States. To accomplish this, we have partnered with well-known international manufacturers. Visit Progressive Painting & Coatings to get started on our floor coatings in Grand Rapids, MI

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