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What Are The Common Types of Injury-Causing Car Accidents? Monday, March 13th, 4:00 PM
What Are The Most Frequent Automobile Accidents That Cause Injuries?

Pearland, United States - March 13, 2023 / Hildebrand & Wilson, LLP /

Texas leads the nation in the number of yearly car accident injuries and fatalities with 11 or more per day, a sad and sobering truth that injury attorneys know have plagued the state for many years.

In only the first half of 2022, there were 2,183 traffic-related fatalities in the state and hundreds of thousands of injuries.

In 2021, there were 4,489 traffic-related fatalities and 19,448 serious injuries, which are those that injury lawyers recognize as various life-altering and sometimes disabling events.

While these astronomical numbers are partly due to the size of the state and its larger population, the high numbers of fatalities and serious injuries also make a statement about the safety of Texas highways based on the most common types of accidents happening.

Reducing traffic fatalities and injuries starts with recognizing the causes of these accidents, then taking steps to resolve them.

1. Head-On Collisions - Head-on collisions when two vehicles crash front bumper to front bumper are possibly the most deadly and injurious of all car accidents that injury attorneys see. Responsible for devastating injuries to those who survive them, head-on crashes can result in lifelong, serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries, paralysis, amputation, disfigurement, PTSD, and many other life-altering injuries and conditions.

2. T-Bone Collisions - T-bone collisions, also known as side-impact accidents, can be equally deadly when one vehicle crashes at speed into the broad side of another vehicle. Since these accidents can result in direct impact to the passengers in the struck vehicle, injury lawyers see serious injuries that include traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and injuries to the pelvic and abdominal areas of the body due to the crushing effect that occurs in side-impact crashes.

3. Rollover Accidents - Another source of fatalities as well as traumatic brain, spinal, and neck injuries plus injuries to the arms, legs, and thorax areas are vehicle rollovers. Common in vehicles with higher centers of gravity like SUVs and vans, rollovers have a variety of causes, though speeding tends to be a main contributing factor.

4. Rear-End Collisions - High-speed rear-end collisions are another common type of accident that injury attorneys see resulting in a high number of serious injuries and fatalities. They are one of the most frequent types of vehicle accidents that leads to serious injury, with whiplash as well as neck and spinal injuries being the most common. Ironically, rear-end accidents caused by driving too close to the vehicle in front are also the easiest to prevent through more observant defensive driving.

5. Sideswipe Collisions - Although many sideswipe collisions involving two vehicles passing too close together can be minor, those that happen at high speeds can be just as dangerous as head-on or other collisions. Injury lawyers dealing with sideswipe collision cases find that the initial impact can cause additional damage and injury by causing the vehicles to veer off the road, into a guardrail, or into other traffic.

Serious Car Accidents Need Experienced Injury Attorneys

Texas drivers are highly at risk of being involved in an accident that will require the services of an injury attorney due to serious injury or even death.

With the highest yearly traffic-related fatality and serious injury numbers in the country year after year, it is important for drivers to understand the causes, then try to practice safer driving.


When accidents do happen, those involved should seek the assistance of injury lawyers such as those at Hildebrand & Wilson who understand these events and can get the settlement they deserve.

When you need experienced and dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers, trust the attorneys at Hildebrand & Wilson, LLP to fight for you from finish to start – call them at (281) 607-2082 to find the help you need!

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