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Can You Handle Your Own Divorce in Texas? Saturday, March 11th, 8:00 AM
Can Texas Divorces Be Done Without Hiring a Divorce Lawyer?

Fort Worth, United States - March 11, 2023 / Schreier & Housewirth Family Law /

When seeking a divorce in Texas, many spouses wonder whether they are required to seek the services of a divorce attorney or if they can handle the process on their own.

Enlisting the services of divorce law firms adds an expense to the process that some wish to avoid, at least that is how they see it.

Though the legal answer to this question is yes, divorce lawyers advise divorcing spouses to think twice before attempting to process their own divorce.

Every Divorce Involves A Slightly Different Process

Although every divorce is done using the same basic process of filing paperwork and making decisions for the court to approve, some require more effort.

Not every marital circumstance is the same and divorce attorneys find that more complex situations require more in-depth consideration. 

Divorce Attorneys Provide Critical Guidance

While simple divorces can be accomplished without the assistance of a divorce law firm, most are not that simple.

Divorces that involve children, the distribution of various forms of marital property, or disagreements within the process can all make a divorce more complicated.

Knowing this, divorce lawyers strongly recommend that couples proceed carefully when thinking about handling their own divorce.

In this quick video, Board-Certified Family Law Attorney Greg Housewirth talks about DIY divorces and the reasons why they may not be advisable, even though they are legal in Texas.


Consult With A Divorce Attorney Before Attempting A DIY Divorce

Before attempting a DIY divorce in Texas, spouses should at least find a divorce law firm where they can get advice on their situation and whether or not theirs is one in which handling the divorce on their own without issue is possible.

Otherwise, divorcing spouses are encouraged to seek the assistance of a divorce attorney who can more effectively help them go through the divorce process keeping their best interest in mind.


Decisions made during a divorce can have lasting effects on those involved, making it essential to make those decisions wisely with the assistance of experienced divorce lawyers such as those at Schreier & Housewirth Family Law.

The insight of board-certified family attorneys at Schreier & Housewirth is invaluable when facing any family law issue – call them today at (817) 753-8565 for help!

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