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Austin Fire and Flood: How water damage repair fixes flooded walls and ceilings Thursday, February 9th, 10:00 AM
How to Fix Your Flooded Walls and Ceilings

Austin, United States - February 9, 2023 / Austin Fire and Flood /

Leaks can cause significant damage to homes and businesses in little time. When burst pipes or flooding damages walls and ceilings, it may be possible to fix minor damage. To identify hidden damage and provide comprehensive restoration, call the water damage repair experts at Austin Fire and Flood.

Locate the Leak

The first step of the water damage repair process is locating the leak's source. Before examining the leak, consider wearing masks and gloves to protect occupants from harmful contaminants. When homeowners call a professional water damage repair service, the experts handle the entire process, starting by preparing the area with drop cloths to make cleanup easier.

Homeowners may notice signs of water damage, including:

  • Sagging ceiling drywall
  • Wet spots and water stains
  • Mold growth

In some cases, the results of leaks are far from the source’s location as water travels. Water damage repair technicians know how to follow the water’s path to locate its source and remove damaged drywall to expose the leak.

The sooner homeowners locate a leak, the less water damage the building’s structure will sustain. Contact the appropriate water damage repair professionals to fix plumbing bursts, clogged drains, and leaking appliances. They’ll replace damaged piping and repair pipes or appliances to prevent the water from spreading.

Eliminate the Damage

The next step is to remove all damaged, wet, or moldy drywall. After locating the leak’s source and stopping the leak, water damage technicians start water removal, using shop vacuums and floor drains to remove water.

Walls should receive extensive cleaning to remove debris and particles. Wet plaster must have ample time to dry.

Professional water damage repair technicians will perform extensive inspections to identify all walls, ceilings, and floods that have water damage and:

  • Pull down soggy, drooping ceiling plaster
  • Cut away wet wallboard, drywall, and paneling
  • Remove soaked insulation


Implement the Right Fixes

After resolving the leak and removing damaged drywall, the water damage repair process should also include a cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria. Mold removal goes hand in hand with water damage repair. Restoration professionals disinfect dirty walls, resolve discoloring with detergent, and clean dried walls from the floor to the ceiling. When homeowners trust the experts for water damage restoration, they:

  • Use dehumidifiers to help dry out the walls, ceilings, and floors more quickly.
  • Remove mold and mildew from affected walls by scrubbing them with specialized mildew cleaners.
  • Repair the damaged drywall by cutting sections of new drywall panels to patch the hole in the wall.
  • Apply mold-resistant primer and paint to the affected wall or ceiling to complete the job.

Depending on the severity of the water damage, the walls may need minor patches or the replacement of the entire panels.

Water Damage Repair from Austin Fire and Flood

Austin Fire and Flood is the go-to property damage repair company in Austin, TX. If water damages the walls or ceilings, they offer individualized water damage repair services. This licensed, bonded, and insured team can prevent the property from further destruction and assist in filing a property damage claim.

For emergency water damage repair near North Loop, TX, or the surrounding areas, contact the professionals at Austin Fire and Flood. Call (512) 912-6814 today to schedule water damage repair.

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