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New Jersey Managed IT Services Firm Explains Cloud Computing Security Thursday, February 9th, 5:00 PM
What Is Cloud Computing Security And Why It’s Needed By Leading Managed IT Service Provider In New Jersey

Jersey City, United States - February 9, 2023 / powersolution.com - Managed IT Services Company New Jersey NJ /

New Jersey Managed It Services

New Jersey Managed IT Services Firm Explains Cloud Computing Security

Cloud services are an integral part of how many organizations do business today. However, the benefits that those services bring come with risks as well. And this is where the role of “what is cloud security?” comes into play.

Research from IBM shows that the number of serious cloud vulnerabilities has increased by 150% over the past five years, highlighting the need for security in cloud systems. 

But what is cloud computing security, and how can your company protect itself against these new security risks? In this article, a leading managed IT service firm In New Jersey will explore the importance and necessity of proper security measures for your cloud systems.

Managed IT Service Company In New Jersey Explains Cloud Computing Security?

Cloud computing security encompasses the solutions that your business has in place to confront the unique cybersecurity risks that handling data, applications, and systems in a cloud environment introduces. 

The extent and nature of your company’s cloud security solutions will depend on the types of cloud computing systems you have in place.

Most businesses take advantage of a variety of public cloud services, accessing public cloud environments that host data and applications for a wide range of organizations. 

These services will have their own security controls in place that may or may not be enough to satisfy your organization’s security and privacy requirements.

Businesses that implement private cloud solutions must pay closer attention to what is infrastructure security in cloud computing. 

Maintaining their own systems, whether through on-premises hardware or third-party data centers, places security responsibilities squarely on the organization itself. 

You’ll have to ensure that all infrastructure, applications, and networks have sufficient protection to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other threats.

Depending on the scale of your business, securing the expertise and resources to implement proper network and data security in a cloud environment may be too much to handle internally. 

Instead, you can rely on the experience of cloud security professionals to answer the question of “what is cloud security and how can we manage it” for your business.

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Security

What is cloud computing security for? It’s to protect your business against data loss, unauthorized access, and other security threats that can lead to operational, financial, and legal consequences.

Your business likely already has protections in place for systems and networks on-site. However, there are specific protections that you need to protect data in the cloud and any applications and systems you rely on in cloud environments.

When your business stores sensitive data on the cloud, there is a risk of third parties gaining access and causing a data breach. 

This can lead to serious consequences for your business. You may be liable for legal action by individuals whose private data the breach affects, whether employees, customers, or other parties. 

Depending on the nature of your business and the data involved, you could face legal and regulatory penalties as well.

If your business relies on cloud systems for your daily operations, then an interruption in those systems can grind your business to a halt. Attacks on unsecured cloud resources could render them inaccessible or useless to your company, potentially having a lasting impact.

How a Cloud Security Solution Works for Your Business

By working with the right cloud security provider, your business can enjoy a wide range of protections that ensure the integrity of your important data, applications, and systems.

What is data security in cloud computing? Data security measures serve to protect sensitive and proprietary data stored in the cloud or used in cloud applications. 

Data encryption is an important component of cloud data security, ensuring that data in the cloud or in transit isn’t usable if compromised by third parties. Data loss protection is also integral to ensuring the integrity of the data your business stores in the cloud.

Your cloud resources are accessible from many devices and locations. The right cloud security solution provides identity management and access control. 

With proper access control, your employees, customers, or other authorized parties have reliable access to these resources while keeping unauthorized parties out. With the right tools, your business doesn’t have to compromise on either security or accessibility.

The right solution also includes cloud workload security. What is cloud workload security? Cloud workload security measures ensure that workloads are properly protected.

The cloud environment is home to workloads across databases, containers, servers, and virtual machines. These need the proper configuration to prevent security threats and operate as intended. 

The Cloud Security Threats Facing Your Business

As the adoption of cloud solutions rises, the number of threats increases as well. Hackers and malicious third parties are always finding new ways to attack cloud services, whether through complex network infiltration or conventional methods such as phishing emails.

Unauthorized access through compromised devices or accounts is one of the most prominent threats. Understanding what are cloud security threats requires a holistic view of all components involved, particularly endpoints. 

Third parties can gain physical access to employee devices or use social engineering to obtain passwords. This is why measures such as two-factor authentication and automatic lock-out periods are essential to cloud security.

Malware and ransomware are growing threats as well. According to research by Verizon, ransomware attacks have increased in frequency to play a role in 25% of all data breach incidents. 

To defend against malicious software, your business needs certain protections, including advanced firewalls, antivirus and antimalware software, monitoring, and more.

Protect Your Cloud-Based Data and Applications With a Proven Partner

Cloud security is essential to protect your business against a data breach, unauthorized access, and the financial, legal, and operational impact they can have on your business. 

You need the right solution to address the unique security needs posed by your cloud data, applications, and systems.

As a leading New Jersey-managed IT service company, powersolution.com’s cloud computing experts provide the managed services, cloud solutions, and security services you need to maintain the integrity of your business. 

Schedule a free IT consultation today to learn more about how we can secure your cloud environment.

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