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Atha Equipment Rental offers Equipment Rentals in Georgia Thursday, February 9th, 5:00 PM
Dumpster, Work, Outdoor, and Event Equipment Rental Service in Georgia

Monroe, United States - February 9, 2023 / Atha Equipment Rental & Sales, Inc. /

Remodeling, junk removal, flooring, landscape, and other home improvement projects require heavy and expensive equipment that not everybody can acquire. This is where equipment rental services  come in.

For a fee, equipment rental companies allow you to access the equipment and items you need for your projects, such as dumpsters, cleaning equipment, and flooring equipment, for specific hours, saving you from the need to buy them.

Equipment Rental Services in Georgia

Atha Equipment Rental is an  equipment rental service in Monroe, Georgia, committed to making business owners' and homeowners' lives easier by making home and work equipment such as dumpsters, flooring, lawn, and garden equipment available for their needs at affordable prices. 

They also offer event and party equipment rental services, making items such as chairs, tables, popcorn machines, dunking booths, and snow cone machines available at affordable prices.

As a company that is committed to making their customers' lives easier, Atha Rentals uphold simplicity, efficiency, accessibility, and quality performance as their core values. 

Whatever industry you belong to, whether general construction, flooring, landscaping, junk removal, or event planning, you can count on Atha Equipment Rentals to deliver high-quality equipment at affordable prices, with fast response and quick delivery.

What Types of Equipment Does Atha Equipment Rental Have for Rent?

Atha Equipment Rental has a wide range of equipment available for rent, and they include the following:

1. Dumpsters

If you need dumpsters of any size for any project, such as home junk removal, construction clean-up, and furniture removal, Atha Equipment Rentals is your best choice. They have dumpsters available for commercial, construction, and residential uses in different sizes, such as 20 yards and 30 yards. All their dumpsters are neat and in good condition and come with fast delivery.

2. Flooring Equipment

Atha Equipment Rental offers solutions to your flooring care and maintenance needs. Whether you run a corporate business, restaurant, school, or hospital or just want to keep your residential floor in excellent condition, Atha Rentals has the right equipment for you. 

They have equipment suitable for commercial, industrial and residential uses, such as carpet stretchers, carpet knee knickers, vinyl rollers, and sander squares available for rent, in good condition. Their equipment is suitable for all types of floors, including hardwood, vinyl, concrete, and carpet. 

3. Lawn and Garden Equipment

Your lawn renovation and maintenance can be easier now with Atha Equipment Rental services. Homeowners and business owners in Georgia can now take advantage of the top-quality equipment at Atha Rentals for their commercial garden and residential lawn maintenance.

All their equipment is of high quality from top manufacturers. They also have product experts in place to answer all your questions to determine the best equipment for your lawn and garden needs.

Atha lawn and garden equipment include lawn sprayers, lawn trailers, leaf blowers, riding lawn mowers, and lawn spreaders.

4. Party and Event Equipment

Organizing parties in Georgia just got easier with Atha party equipment rental services. Individuals and business owners planning to throw any type of party, such as birthdays, family hangouts, church hangouts, or end-of-the-year parties, can enjoy affordable party equipment rentals from Atha Equipment Rentals.

The various event equipment you can find at Atha Equipment Rentals include dunking booths, round tables, chairs, banquet tables, popcorn machines, and snow cone machines.

5. Toilet/ Holding Tank Rental

If you need temporary toilets and holding tanks for your event or construction site, Atha Equipment Rentals is your answer. They offer the best toilets, holding tanks, and handwashing stations at reasonable prices, with weekly servicing, swift delivery and pick-up, and excellent customer service. 

Why Choose Atha Equipment Rentals?

If you are wondering if you should use Atha Rentals for your equipment needs in Georgia, here are a few reasons to consider:

1. Professionalism

Atha Equipment Rentals have the best equipment experts available to answer all your questions and help you determine the best equipment for your needs. All their staff are highly professional, pay attention to details, and work hard to ensure that you are satisfied.

2. Customer Service

If you need a rental service that puts customers’ needs before anything else, then Atha Equipment is the best answer. The company is committed to building relationships within the community, and they have a reputation for their swift response and attention to customers’ needs.

3. High-Quality Equipment

Atha Equipment Rentals offer high-quality equipment in good condition and suitable for whatever you need them to do. Their equipment comes at reasonable prices and are carefully selected to satisfy your needs.

To make more inquiries about their services, contact Atha Equipment Rentals at 770-207-6041 or visit their website.

Contact Information:

Atha Equipment Rental & Sales, Inc.

519 E Spring St
Monroe, GA 30655
United States

Brandy Atha
(770) 207-6041

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