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Why You Might Like Moving to a Micro Apartment! Wednesday, March 1st, 2:10 PM
Why Moving to a Micro Apartment Might Be Right for You!

Bryan, United States - February 28, 2023 / G&M Haulers /

Many people choose apartment living over home ownership due to convenience factors and lower rents.

Today, apartment rents are skyrocketing in some areas, making micro apartments more desirable.

While they are definitely not for everyone, moving to a micro-apartment definitely has its appeal.

Consider these reasons why a local move to an urban micro apartment can be a great living solution for singles and couples who are minimalist-minded!

1. Lower Rent and Utility Costs

Although the price per square foot might actually be higher than in a larger space, moving to a micro-apartment can bring down the cost of overall living.

With lower monthly rent and lower utility costs, micro-living can be a good choice for those who simply cannot afford something larger but still desire an attractive space.

Many buildings renting micro apartments provide added amenities including laundry facilities, fitness centers, pools, and more to give their many tenants more for their rental dollars.

2. Easier to Maintain

Smaller spaces are easier to keep clean and less expensive to decorate.

Local moves to a micro-apartment can be a great choice for those seeking a low-maintenance solution where there is no yard or home maintenance other than regular, routine apartment cleaning.

3. Requires Minimalist Living

Micro living in a tiny apartment does require tenants to live minimally, but many see this as a great thing.

It requires paring down to the must-haves before settling in, but that means reduced moving services costs, too.

Living in a micro apartment encourages residents to carefully consider everything they bring into their space and tends to help people save money, rather than squander it on things they really do not need.

4. Closer to Conveniences and Culture

Typically, the closer an apartment is to amenities and culture, the more expensive the rent is.

Moving into the right micro apartment can be the perfect way to get closer to where all the action is at a more affordable rate.

For those who work in urban areas or are close to the university they are attending, a nearby micro apartment can not only be more affordable but also reduce or eliminate the need to own a car.

They can be the best living situation in desirable urban, metropolitan, and secondary education areas for some people.

5. Promotes Creativity

Living simply in a small space does not have to mean that space has to be boring.

In fact, those making local moves into micro apartments can find much enjoyment in coming up with creative, space-saving furnishing and storage options that work for them without taking up a large amount of space.

Dual-purpose and convertible components shine in these small spaces, which can be extremely fun to equip and decorate to be more utilitarian and comfortable all in one.

Moving To A Micro Apartment is A Beneficial Change for Many

A local move to a micro-apartment may not be for everyone, but it can be a great change for some.

Whether that move is based on finances, a wish to live in a more desirable location perhaps close to a university or an easier and more convenient lifestyle, an apartment moving to a micro space offers more positives than many people might think.

With so many positives, micro apartment living is a great option for those who don’t need a lot of space to make an easy living work!


Moving services such as G&M Haulers can have new tenants relocated into a new micro apartment in a flash in order to enjoy their new style of living.

Finding a great local moving service is vital to any large or small move and G&M Haulers have years of experience moving people in the area, so call them at (979) 612-2686 to reserve that moving date!

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