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Valuable Tips for Moving Into A New Home! Wednesday, February 22nd, 3:25 PM
Important Tips For Relocating To A New Residence!

Bryan, United States - February 20, 2023 / G&M Haulers /

Moving day is an exciting day as well as a potentially chaotic day if it is not well planned out ahead of time.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done to make a move into a new home less stressful.

These pointers, when addressed before the moving company shows up with their truck, can make these moves easier on everyone.

Leave the boxes and furnishings to the moving service while tackling little efforts that can make the final move-in easier!

1. Do A Walk Through Ahead of Moving Day

Whether buying or renting, visit the new house before moving day arrives to view the property again while it is empty and check for any potential problems.

Once moving companies start loading boxes in, it can make dealing with issues more challenging.

Instead, alert landlords or realtors of problems before the first box arrives so a solution can be decided on and the relocation can then continue.

2. Clean - Before and After

The best, easiest, and fastest way to clean a house, regardless of whether it is new construction or someone has just moved out of it, is while it is empty.

Chances are the home has already been through a good cleaning before its sale or rental agreement, but it is recommendable to go through and clean again before occupying it.

Start with the kitchen and bathrooms and always work from the ceilings to the baseboards, leaving the floors for last.

Then, as the moving service is emptying the original home, clean that place room-by-room after each one is emptied.

3. Handle Pet And Kid-Proofing First

Before releasing small children and pets into a new home, take care of any pet and child-proofing while the house is still empty, if possible.

Cabinet and door knob locks and minor fence repairs should be handled ahead of time to make unpacking safer and easier.

4. Deal With Home Security

Homeowners and renters alike should consider changing the locks on their new house before moving day unless the landlord has already taken care of it.

Transfer and activate home security services or arrange to set them up as soon as possible to prevent theft in a new neighborhood.

5. Paint Before Moving In

Another job that is more easily handled before the moving company arrives with their load of personal belongings is painting.

New homeowners can either go in ahead of time to paint before all the furnishings come in, or hire a painting crew to take care of it quickly.

6. Update Address, Utilities, and Other Services

Arrange for all utilities and services to be transferred to the new house before moving day so that all utilities are fully functioning.

Avoid forgetting services like cable, phone, and internet by scheduling all the changes at the same time, with start-up dates a day ahead so that service can be confirmed.

7. Develop A Layout Plan for Move-In Day

Avoid the stress of not knowing where to have the moving service put all the boxes with a floor plan developed ahead of time.

Number and label boxes for each room and direct movers where to position large pieces of furniture so there is no need to move them again later.

Moving Day Can Be Easier With These Tips!

Though moving into a new home takes a great deal of planning, sometimes the little details get forgotten.

Using this checklist, families can handle the practical things early before moving services arrive with their belongings.

The little details and moving tips can make settling into a new home easier and less stressful by resolving issues before they happen and before the moving company shows up ready to unload!


Moving day can be a stressful one, so let the services of a trained and qualified mover such as G&M Haulers make the day a happy one instead!

Finding a great local moving service is vital to any large or small move and G&M Haulers have years of experience moving people in the area, so call them at (979) 612-2686 to reserve that moving date!

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