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What Is A Fully Developed Claim For VA Disability Benefits? Wednesday, January 25th, 6:00 PM
What Is A VA Disability Benefits Fully Developed Claim?

Middleburg, United States - January 25, 2023 / True Vet Solutions /

When filing a claim for VA disability benefits, approval and ratings depend on all the pertinent information related to that claim.

The VA disability claims approval process can be a lengthy one, taking months to complete due in part to the need for VA claims processors to do extensive records research in order to process standard disability claims.

Considering this, VA disability claims help experts recommend that some veterans file what is called a Fully Developed Claim to improve the process and increase their chance of approval.

What Is A Fully Developed Claim for VA Disability Benefits?

A Fully Developed Claim or FDC is a VA disability benefits request that requires the filing veteran to provide all essential disability evidence with the application.

Instead of filing a standard claim that requires the VA disability claims processor to spend time researching VA records to find evidence supporting a veteran’s claim, the veteran submits all the proof so the processor does not need to look for it.

Is Filing An FDC VA Disability Claim A Better Option?

Depending on the situation, VA disability claims help experts suggest that filing an FDC can be beneficial to some veterans by improving the claims process and helping them get a favorable response.

While some believe that FDCs might also speed up the process that usually takes between 110 and 125 days, research finds that this is not necessarily the case as most FDCs take just as long as standard claims.

What they can do is ensure that claims for VA disability benefits provide all critical documentation in instances where there is a great deal of evidence to present or challenging circumstances where missed evidence could result in claim denial.

Essentially, doing an FDC gives the veteran the chance to be as thorough as necessary in their submission of evidence on their own behalf so the claims processor has all available information.

How Is A Fully Developed Claim Filed?

Since filing a Fully Developed Claim puts the burden of proof in the hands of the filing veteran, it is a more work-intensive process for the filer.

Submission of FDC VA disability claims must contain all the information necessary for the processor to review it and make the correct decision, therefore no pertinent evidence should be left out.

In addition, veterans must have their medical providers fill out a Disability Benefits Questionnaire (DBQ) for submission and it is recommended that any specific or especially important details or references to multiple conditions be highlighted in the information that will be sent.

Records should include all private and service medical records, VA records, and supportive buddy statements.

VA disability claims help personnel recommend that FDCs be filed electronically to ensure timely claim delivery to help accelerate the process.

Yet veterans should know that failure to submit the right evidence in an FDC claim will result in their receiving a development letter requesting additional information.

When that happens, their FDC claim is turned into a standard claim that requires VA claims processors to research the evidence on their own.

Get Help Filing A VA Disability Benefits Claim for Best Results

The claims filing process for VA disability benefits can be confusing at best.

This can particularly be the case when a veteran wishes to file a Fully Developed Claim to provide complete critical evidence to support their service-connected condition for which they are seeking a disability rating.

With so much at stake, it is important that disability claims are properly filled out and all essential required documentation that can help the decision process is submitted.


For those unsure about the fully developed claims filing process, a wise choice is to seek VA claims disability help from a disability claims professional service such as True Vet Solutions experienced with FDC handling.

If you need help with a VA disability claim, True Vet Solutions can help you get the benefits necessary to increase your quality of life – call (888) 802-1549 for help to get the disability rating and benefits you deserve!

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