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Cyber Physical Attacks - Why Cyber Defenses Must Be Ready! Monday, January 30th, 7:55 PM
Why Cyber Defenses Must Be Prepared for Cyber Physical Attacks!

West Seneca, United States - January 30, 2023 / ACP Technologies Inc. /

The world of cybersecurity and cyber defense is becoming more complicated every day as the Internet of Things or IOT connects networks in many new ways.

Today, a growing threat that cyber security consulting services see relates to cyber-physical attacks, which are different than standard computer network attacks.

As cyber-physical threats have grown considerably over the past few years, cyber defense companies warn of the importance of understanding this sector of the cybersecurity industry and how specific businesses must protect against being attacked.

What Are Cyber-Physical Attacks?

Cyber defense firms define cyber-physical attacks as security attacks against networks that control a cyber-physical system.

The purpose of these attacks is not to steal data as with traditional cyberattacks, but to interrupt a physical process that is controlled by a computer network.

Examples of these systems include those controlling critical infrastructure like power, water, and gas plants, hospital networks, food processing plants, and even types of transportation such as cars, trucks, and buses.

Cyber defense companies find that any business or industry using networks to control systems that could lead to physical harm to the public if attacked are prime targets for cyber-physical attacks.

Due to the many ways in which networks are not only used to control these businesses but are connected through the IoT, cyber-physical attacks have become easier, more sophisticated, and far more damaging.

What Are Some Common Types of Cyber-Physical Attacks?

There are a number of ways in which cyber security consulting services see cyber-physical attacks due to unauthorized access to business networks:

  • Eavesdropping - Illegally monitoring communications channels used by company employees to gather sensitive data to gain access to the network.
  • DDoS Attacks - Attempting to crash the controlling network by bombarding it with information requests, thus preventing internal communication to control the network.
  • Data Injections - Injections of false data packets into vulnerable network processes that affect network control in various ways.
  • Zero-Day Attacks - Exploiting undisclosed software security vulnerabilities to launch a network attack.
  • Side-Channel Attacks - Illegally collecting data from connected business equipment to access information and vulnerabilities for launching an attack.
  • Replay Attacks - Launching malicious data packets that follow and mimic legitimate data that the system believes to be authentic.

Addressing all of these types of attacks requires cyber defense strategies that can predict and plan for them, above and beyond the basic securities that businesses already employ to protect their networks from data theft.

What Can Defend Against Cyber-Physical Attacks?

When planning appropriate protection against these types of threats, cyber defense companies stress some of the same critical security ideas that work for non-physical attacks as well.

Cyber security consulting services point out stronger authentication and access control as a main element of creating a more secure network with stronger passwords, multi-factor authentication, and fewer people having network access to top-tier controls.

Considering the amount of work being done outside of the office, greater security with remote access is increasingly essential and security through network segregation is also becoming more critical.

Cyber Defense Companies - A Key Partner

The days when data theft was the prime concern of cyber defense companies are gone, with cyber-physical attacks becoming a new brand of digital security threat.

Still, many of the solutions involve the same cyber defense strategies that have been recommended in the past.

Whether securing critical data or the control of critical infrastructure, businesses should partner with cyber security consulting services that can help them assess their risk and vulnerabilities, then develop a highly appropriate cyber security plan!


The need for cyber defense strategies is huge, which is why partnering with cyber security consulting services such as ACP Technologies is the best way to make any company's cyber defense up-to-date and able to withstand things such as cyber physical attacks!

When in need of any type of managed IT service, ACP Technologies can develop a custom managed IT solution to simplify and enrich current business IT services - call (929) 581-8105 for more information!

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