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How Do You Know When It's Time for Assisted Living for your Seniors?

Woodstock, United States - December 26, 2022 / Camellia Place /

As your loved ones age, it might get to a point when living alone is no longer safe for them, and you might need to consider alternative options like an assisted living community.

Deciding whether it’s time to move your loved one into an assisted living community is not always a comfortable conversation. Unfortunately, it is an important conversation you must have when it’s time. 

 In this article, Camellia Place, an assisted living community in Woodstock, Georgia, shares different signs to help you know when it’s time for assisted living.

How Do You Know When It’s Time For Assisted Living?

There are certain signs that will indicate when it’s time to move your loved ones into an assisted living community. These signs can differ from person to person, but they include the following:

1. Worsening Health Condition

Deteriorating physical health is a red flag when deciding if to move a senior into an assisted living community. If your aged loved one has a chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, needs more help getting around, or experiences frequent falls, living alone might no longer be the safest option for them.

2. Isolation

As people get older, they experience loneliness, especially if they live alone, leading to early mortality. If you notice that your loved one is experiencing loneliness that has led to a loss in the desire to socialize, engage in hobbies, or communicate with friends and family, it might be time for a change of environment into an assisted living community, where they will have the chance to interact with other people and engage in fun activities. 

3. Difficulty in Managing Daily Tasks

If your loved one is experiencing difficulty performing daily tasks, such as using the toilet, grooming, taking medications, bathing, and dressing, it might be a sign that it’s time to get help. In an assisted living community, seniors can access assistance in their daily tasks and live an easier and cleaner life.

Visit a Caring Assisted Living Community in Woodstock, Georgia 

Camellia Place is an assisted living community created with the mission of providing assisted living services that will nurture the mind, bodies, and spirits of your loved ones.

At Camellia Place, your loved ones can enjoy various benefits, such as a community of like minds, chef-prepared meals, daily activities such as decorating, baking, dancing, and games, and different amenities such as art rooms, beauty shops, and transportation. 

To schedule a tour or make more inquiries, contact Camellia Place at 770-290-1513 or visit their website. 

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