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Lot Conditions - What They Mean to Land Development? Friday, December 23rd, 6:00 PM
Considering The Condition of the Lot In Order to Develop The Land!

Huntsville, United States - December 23, 2022 / J Whit Construction /

Every residential land development project begins with the purchase of a parcel of land on which to build.

What happens during land development and the cost to finish a project largely depends on the condition of the land when it is purchased.

Since residential land development services come across building lots in various stages of development, the work that must be done to ready the lot for building can differ greatly and affect the price accordingly.

Before building or buying any land for residential land development, these are the different lot conditions that project owners and self-building homeowners should understand.

The scope and cost of the project and many other factors will depend on lot condition and what must still be done to improve the land.

1. Raw Land

Raw land is essentially building lots marked for land development that are as of yet untouched.

They have not been cleared, the natural typography is still intact, drainage and wet areas may be present, and wildlife may be living there.

A raw building lot requires starting at the very beginning to inspect the ground and gauge whether it is suitable for the intended project, then start planning lot improvements and site development from that point.

2. Entitled Lots

An entitled building lot is one that has already been through the preliminary planning stages and is approved for construction.

All zoning and municipal filings are in place and although there are no improvements yet made on the land, it is ready for residential land development services to start the work.

Since these lots have already been through the time-consuming approval process, they are desirable to those seeking lots to build on.

3. Blue-Top Lots

Blue-top lots are those that have already been through the preliminary stages of land development, usually including clearing and basic leveling.

There are no utilities installed and the building pad must still be prepared once the building location is set, but generally speaking, the lot has been evened and received basic grading, so it is ready for the more detailed work to begin.

4. Finished Building Lots

As the name suggests, finished building lots are in construction-ready condition, ready for residential land development services to jump right into the pad preparation and building.

These lots have been cleared, leveled, graded, had utilities and drainage installed, and require only fine-tuning like final grading and landscaping as the home is being built on the land.

5. Broken Land Lots

Land labeled as a broken lot is one that is in poor condition and in need of completion.

Usually, these are lots that were started for residential land development, then abandoned partway through the project by the contractor for financial or other reasons.

Typically, the reason is the developer loses their financial backing, so they simply leave the lot as it is.

Lots in this condition will need to be carefully evaluated and assessed for what has and has not already been completed and then usually start from scratch.

Understand Lot Conditions for Residential Land Development

A great residential land development project starts with a good plan and a wonderful building lot.

Yet not all building lots are the same and depending on their condition, residential land development projects might entail more planning, effort, and cost.

Likewise, starting on a finished lot might cost more upfront, but require much less additional preparation.


Before buying any land, discuss plans with an experienced residential land development service such as JWhit Construction and let them assist in the selection of the perfect building lot!

When needing a residential or commercial land development company for an important project, trust the work ethic of JWhit Construction for any large or small land development plans – call (832) 230-2710 right away!

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