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Hotel and Motel Owners - Is Safety Part of Your Business Plan? Thursday, November 24th, 6:00 PM
Do You Have a Safety Plan In Place as Hotel and Motel Owners?

Bryan, United States - November 24, 2022 / Service Insurance Group /

Safety is a critical issue for hotel owners as it affects their hotel’s reputation and hotel insurance premiums.

When seeking insurance for their hotels, owners are advised to pay attention to the safety of their locations and make appropriate investments in safety as necessary.

In doing so, owners can take advantage of good affordable insurance plans for hotels as well as avoid damage and other safety issues that could affect the property’s income-producing ability.

To properly do this, hotel owners must understand where safety concerns lie and take the right actions to reduce the risks.

Be Aware of Notable Safety Risks

There are many safety risks that hotel owners deal with on a day-to-day basis, beginning with the average slip-and-fall accidents that can happen.

Hotel insurance providers point out everything from injuries due to damaged furnishings or equipment to the attractive nuisances that on-premises swimming pools and playground equipment create.

Insurance plans for hotels should cover these and other common liabilities such as assaults, food-related illnesses, problems related to bedbugs and other insects, burns, and more.

In identifying these safety risks to purchase the right liability insurance for hotels, owners should take whatever steps are necessary to reduce the risk of these concerns becoming a problem in the first place.

Make Fire Prevention and Awareness A Priority

The most prevalent safety issue for hotel owners and the top cause of financial loss is fire.

Knowing this, every owner must invest in fire prevention and safety measures to protect their properties.

Insurance for hotels is more affordable when fire safety risks are reduced through the installation of sprinkler systems as well as other fire suppression systems and having a whole fire safety plan of action.

Additionally, all wiring and electrical equipment should be regularly inspected and upgraded as necessary to prevent safety issues.

Hotel insurance agencies also bring attention to fireproofing susceptible areas, performing regular HVAC, duct, and dryer cleaning and maintenance, and having regular fire safety inspections as well.

Employ Qualified Staff and Contractors

Qualified hotel employees who follow a safety plan are essential for maintaining a safe establishment.

Safety policies should be documented, employees trained on these policies, and policies should be upheld to reduce safety risks and control loss.

Similarly, repairs should be handled by qualified, licensed contractors only, especially considering how insurance plans for hotels may stipulate that only these people should do them.

Safety Must Be A Part of Every Hotel Business Plan

Keeping hotel businesses profitable involves more than good promotion.

It requires a business plan that includes an investment in safety and risk prevention to reduce losses that will keep maintaining a steady income flow.

A good safety program will also reduce hotel insurance premiums if the facility is a lesser risk for providers.

Working together with their hotel insurance provider, hotel owners can maintain safe facilities and reduce insurance claims so that everyone comes out ahead.


Owners with questions about insurance plans for hotels and how to improve safety ratings can reach out to insurance services such as Service Insurance Group which regularly provide coverage to hotel businesses.

If looking for any type of personal or business insurance, the Agents at Service Insurance Group shop for the right person or business insurance policy to fit individual needs – call them at (979) 300-7345 to get a quote!

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