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Car Accident Settlements for Chiropractor Visits: What You Need To Know Thursday, November 24th, 7:00 PM
The Tampa, FL, Chiropractors at Pro Health Offer Tips On Car Accident Settlement for Chiropractic Treatment

Tampa, United States - November 24, 2022 / Pro Health Inc /

Personal injury settlements in Florida can include coverage for chiropractic treatment. Don't delay establishing your case for a car accident settlement with chiropractor coverage and other medical bills included in your cash award.

If you suffer an injury in a car accident, chiropractic treatment relieves many symptoms, promotes healing, and improves the quality of life for many patients. 

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to seek a personal injury award or personal injury coverage that allows you to access the best possible care. Take advantage of the protections you have a right to under Florida law to secure a car accident settlement with chiropractor coverage.

The Clock Is Ticking

You only have two weeks to seek medical or chiropractic treatment for injuries and have coverage for those treatments included in a personal injury claim after the accident. The 14-day rule is an effort to reduce insurance fraud caused by people claiming that subsequent injuries resulted from an earlier car crash.

At Pro Health, we understand how challenging it is to rebuild your life while you recover from accident injuries. We do everything we can to help our patients get the highest-quality medical care and support our patients while they hold accountable the people who were responsible for their accidents. 

Seek Out a Knowledgeable Chiropractor

The diagnosis of a qualified professional is important for any personal injury claim. Patients have a greater chance of an award for chiropractic treatment if the chiropractor lays out a compelling argument for the medical necessity of chiropractic treatment. 

Ask your primary care physician as soon as possible for a referral to a licensed chiropractor with an established track record of successful outcomes in treating car accident trauma. 

Look for a chiropractor who will take the time to understand your situation and develop a treatment plan that prioritizes your health while laying the foundation for an effective personal injury claim.

The paperwork for obtaining a referral can take some time, so we advise our patients to seek help promptly after the accident.

Keep Documentation of Your Chiropractic Care and Personal Experience

Courts and insurance companies are more likely to award a patient a substantial sum if they show evidence of commitment to the course of therapy that their chiropractor recommends. Once you speak with a chiropractor and have a treatment plan in place:

  • Keep all of your appointments.
  • Retain receipts of any payments you make for chiropractic services.
  • Write down your experiences, including pain, limitations to mobility, and improvements as a result of chiropractic treatment.

Why Pro Health Should Be Your Only Choice for Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

Different chiropractors have different specializations, and some know the law better than others. If you pick Pro Health as your chiropractor, your treatment will speed up your recovery. Call them today, and we'll guide you through the medical paperwork you need for your car accident settlement with chiropractor treatment coverage.

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