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Can You Spray Your AC Unit With Water While Running? Thursday, November 24th, 7:00 PM
AirZone Air Conditioning & Heating: What Happens When Tampa Bay Residents Spray Water on AC Units

Oldsmar, United States - November 24, 2022 / AirZone Tampa Bay /

Due to their electrical components, most appliances can't rely on water for cleaning. Air conditioners also contain electrical wiring, but HVAC experts recommend cleaning the outdoor condenser unit with water. So, can you spray your AC unit with water while running?

Tampa Bay HVAC experts recommend cleaning your AC unit to make it run more efficiently. Though you should exercise caution spraying water around electrical components, you can clean the condenser unit with your garden hose and other tools.

3 Benefits of Spraying Water on a Running Air Conditioner

The answer to "can you spray your AC unit with water while running" is yes, because it provides many benefits. Though some parts within the condenser unit should remain dry to avoid damaging the appliance, spraying the equipment with your garden hose can quickly eliminate dirt buildup. 

Below are some of the top benefits of using water to clean an AC unit.

1. Increased Efficiency

Spraying or misting water on the condenser unit initiates evaporation. Similarly to sweat drying on your skin, water evaporating on the AC condenser helps it cool quicker. Your property will feel more comfortable without consuming excessive energy.

2. Boost AC's Lifespan

With increased efficiency, your AC's lifespan will lengthen. It will cool rooms more easily without overworking and prematurely wearing down its parts. 

3. Keep the AC Clean

Dirt and other contaminants will collect in and around your condenser unit, restricting airflow. The particles can also clog your air filter. However, using water to remove debris will prevent the AC from accumulating unwanted particles. 

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Compressor fins in the outdoor unit resemble a grill with metal fins and help disperse heat away from the air conditioner. 

You can remove dust, dirt, and debris from the fins using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Spraying water on the fins using moderate pressure will remove stubborn buildups. 

Cleaning AC condenser coils inside the condenser unit is a must. Dirt buildup prevents the equipment and the refrigerant it contains from efficiently removing heat from indoor air to generate cool air to circulate throughout the residence. 

Steps to clean your AC's condenser coils include:

  • Turning the AC unit off
  • Removing the condenser unit's outer casing
  • Clearing up debris
  • Spraying the air conditioner with a garden hose without soaking electrical components

It can be challenging to clean condenser coils without the proper tools and experience. Contacting an HVAC contractor to handle the job and ensure the unit's components are fully functional may be best.  

Get Help Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Can you spray your AC unit with water while running? Yes, but high water pressure can cause more harm than good. 

HVAC companies like AirZone Air Conditioning & Heating can help your AC unit run more efficiently with air conditioning repair. This local family-owned company and its certified technicians also offer preventive maintenance programs that include routine inspections and cleaning to keep AC units running smoothly for years. Contact their team today to request an appointment. 

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