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Foundation Push Piers - Helping Foundation Settlement Issues! Thursday, November 17th, 12:40 PM
Got Foundation Issues? Use Push Piers To Solve Any Problem!

Andover, United States - November 14, 2022 / AAA Basement & Foundation Repair /

Uneven and excessive foundation settlement is an issue that can significantly damage and weaken the structural integrity of any home or building.

When a foundation begins sinking deeper into the ground due to soil instability, poor soil drainage, and other issues, foundation settlement repairs might become necessary to restore the stability of the whole building.

Foundation push piers are an effective solution that can save the entire structure more affordably when house lifting and leveling or more extensive excavation methods might be the only other options.

How Are Push Piers Used for Foundation Settlement?

Push piers are a preferred foundation settlement repair method that provide essential support for sinking foundations to level and support them, then prevent additional settling.

They are installed into the ground around an affected foundation, then hydraulically expanded to provide necessary structural support.

Foundation push piers made of steel brackets and pipe extenders are affixed to the sides and bottom of the structure, then expanded downward through the unstable soil until the extensions reach more stable strata.

With these supports reaching far enough into the ground to settle on immovable rock and soil, the house can then be leveled as necessary and held securely in that position.

How Are Push Piers Installed As Foundation Settlement Repairs?

Repairing foundation settlement with push piers involves a process that begins with determining the severity of the settlement, the consistency of the soil, and then developing a plan on how many piers will be required to support the structure and where each one must be placed.

Once pier positions have been determined, 3’ x 3’ access holes are dug in the ground around the foundation where each push pier will be placed.

The piers are inserted into the ground and then bracketed to the foundation.

Once they are permanently attached to the building, the piers are extended by hydraulically hammering the steel support into the ground until solid strata are reached and the settled foundation is pushed back up into its correct position.

When the structure is leveled and secure, the holes are refilled with the piers remaining to provide long-term structural support.

When Are Foundation Push Piers Solutions Recommended?

Push piers are recommended whenever there is significant foundation settlement due to poor soil conditions and a high probability that settlement will continue and worsen over time.

Though there are multiple types of piers that can be used for foundation settlement repairs, push piers are not only highly secure but very suitable when the soil quality below the structure is unknown, making it less possible to estimate how deeply the steel supports will need to be inserted.

A push pier system can be installed with minimal disturbance to the grounds around the building and the work can be completed much faster than most other major foundation repair techniques.

Push Piers Can Help When Foundation Settlement Is An Issue

When doors and windows no longer work properly and floors become significantly unleveled, foundation settlement is usually the culprit.

Foundation push piers are the recommended repair when unstable soil has become a problem.

Using push piers for foundation settlement repairs, it is possible to restore a building to its correct level and prevent further settling, as these supports reach all the way down to the bedrock layer.


Home and building owners dealing with foundation settlement should discuss using push piers with a local foundation repair specialist such as AAA Basement and Foundation Repair.

AAA Basement and Foundation Repair of Wichita Kansas knows everything about basement and foundation problems and will be sure to get the job done right the first time - call (316) 477-3473!

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