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What's the Current Price for Modular Homes in Greensboro? Friday, September 23rd, 7:00 AM
A Complete Look ata the Price for a Modular Home

Burlington, United States - September 23, 2022 / Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington /

A modular house is a way to go for people looking for an affordable, configurable house. Construction costs and times are reduced when modular homes are constructed in a factory. Many elements influence the overall cost of a modular house, but with careful planning, you can build a lovely and affordable custom modular home.

The price for modular homes varies considerably depending on the size, style, and features. Because modular homes are frequently less than the price of an ordinary stick-built house, they are an excellent choice for those looking to save money.

There are many ways to personalize a modular home to meet your budget and requirements. Selecting a smaller house plan is one method to save money while opting for general features and finishes instead of upgrades is another. You may also collaborate with your modular home builder to discover methods to cut costs without compromising quality or design.

A modular home is an excellent, cost-effective option if you are in the market for a new house. By working with experienced builders, you can produce a one-of-a-kind modular home.

If you want an accurate appraisal of the cost of your modular home, it is essential to consult with a reliable builder like Carolina Custom Homes. They will be able to guide you in choosing the perfect floor plan and make any adjustments necessary to achieve your dream home.

Why not delve into the world of modular home costs and explore the benefits of custom-made modular homes?

The Price for Modular Homes Vs. Stick-Built

If you're considering building a custom modular home, you've probably heard about the considerable cost difference between modular and traditional construction. Most individuals will tell you that a modular house is much cheaper to build than a 'stick-built' house, but how accurate is that statement?

For some perspective, here is the average cost per square foot for building a modular home vs. stick-built:

  • Modular Home: $130-$145/ sq ft
  • Stick Built Home: $210/ sq ft

The most noteworthy difference between the cost of a modular home and a stick-built one is their construction mode.

Traditional stick-built homes are built from the ground up on location, which most people think of when picturing building a property. Site-built houses may be delayed due to weather, climate, and the condition of the site. The price is higher, and you're more likely to encounter delays.

Modular homes are built in a controlled factory environment and then transported to your land for assembly. Like traditional construction, you typically communicate with your general contractor more than anyone else about the crucial features of your home, like square footage and floor plan. They can also help you decide on any add-ons or modifications you'd like to make.

This is where the cost of your overall architecture plan differs. The price for modular homes is typically far less expensive than traditional houses and only takes 3-4 months to build when you choose Carolina Custom Homes.

If you're curious about the details of modular construction and average modular home prices, here's an inside look at what construction costs you should factor into your budget.

The Price for a Modular Home: A Comprehensive Overview

So, you're looking to build a modular home and want to know how much it would cost. Unfortunately, there isn't one answer that fits everyone, as the price will vary depending on the added features.

When considering the cost of a modular home, keep in mind that it starts with the foundation and extends upward. Consider what additional features you want for your new house as Carolina Custom Homes works from the bottom up.

The Base Home Cost

The average modular home has a base price, but this doesn't include extra features or modifications you might want. If you're looking for the most affordable model, keep in mind that you may have to pay more for additional costs like freight, site work, taxes, and fees. However, with careful planning, you can easily find the perfect mix of form and function without going over budget.

Customizing Your Home

Once you've chosen a base model, you may modify the floor plan to meet your demands. The flexibility of modular homes is one of their greatest assets, allowing you to get exactly what you want in a house.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that customizations to your modular home aren't important - they can significantly increase your resale value! This is where you can play around with the overall square footage, add new features, etc.

However, this is also where the price per square foot may alter your starting modular home cost. It's prudent to leave some breathing room in your budget, so you aren't caught off guard.

Site Prep

Picking a plot of land is the first step in constructing a modular home. If you don't have any existing land, Carolina Custom Homes will help you to find and purchase some before construction starts. It's essential to pick a location that suits your needs (rolling hills or flat terrain, for example) as it directly affects the price of modular homes.

After you buy the land, you must prepare it for building. This usually entails grading the land, removing trees and brush, and grinding stumps so there is enough room for construction.

The Foundation

The first stage in creating a bespoke modular home is to start with the foundation. Because the cost of the foundation may or may not be included in your modular house's price, it's essential to discuss it with your general contractor before they begin work. You might also consider including a basement in your design, which will be included in the final price but also will provide additional living space.

Permits, Taxes, and Fees

Though they're not the most fun to consider, these modular home costs are vital to factor in. States have different taxes, fees, and permits required when constructing a home. Local building codes and permits must be adhered to by your construction crew. But no worries - your builder will know what needs to be done and how much it will cost.

Delivery and Assembly of a Modular Home

After the manufactured home is built in the factory, it will be transported to your house for finishing touches, called the "button up" phase. Your contractor should include modular home transportation costs in their estimate.

Utility Installation

In addition to the price of your home, you must also account for the cost of utilities.

HVAC system installation, including air ducts, is a costly investment for your home. Prices range depending on your household size, but an HVAC could be as much as $10,000 or higher.

You'll need to connect your new custom modular house to the city's water and sewage systems. A well and septic system must be constructed nearby if you live in a rural region.

Other things you have to account for include the installation of electricity and gas. In totality, numerous external aspects modify the modular home cost, but experienced builders like Carolina Custom Homes can help guide you through the process.

On-Site Builds

On-site construction workers will add the finishing touches to your home, including a porch or carport. These factors usually play a role in deciding the final price of modular homes.

Overall Savings and Price for Modular Homes 

A reputable modular home builder like Carolina Custom Homes will be able to work with you to create a home that meets your needs while staying within your budget, so don't be afraid to ask about the price for modular homes. While there are numerous phases in modular construction, there are several cost savings that you can't compete with, such as:

  • Cutting expenses for materials: Modular construction materials are bought in bulk and kept in a controlled environment, so you won't need to acquire your building materials. During the design process, you'll be able to pick and choose what you want, keeping costs lower.
  • Lower cost for construction: A modular home is built much faster than a stick-built one, resulting in decreased labor costs - especially if you have added multiple stories or intend to customize your house later. Also, the production of modular homes occurs indoors, meaning that you won't ever have to worry about construction timeline delays or added pricing.
  • When it comes to labor, a stick-built house generally necessitates more on-site work than a modular one. This construction method allows Carolina Custom Homes to work on an accelerated timeline.
  • You'll have an increase in energy efficiency. A better-ventilated and more energy-efficient house will result from modular construction, allowing you to save money on your power bill.

By opting for a modular home over a stick-built one, you can reduce the final cost while enjoying tailor-made customization options. Even though the initial investment might seem like a lot, in reality, it will save you money in the long run.

You can trust Carolina Custom Homes to give you an estimate for your modular home that will be accurate and cost-effective. Contact the team today to learn more about the price of modular homes in Greensboro, NC!

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