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Fountain Aesthetic Offers Safe and Effective Laser Hair Removal Friday, September 23rd, 4:00 AM
Latest Laser technology is used by Fountain Aesthetics to deliver quick hair removal for any body area

Delta, Canada - September 23, 2022 / Fountain Aesthetics /

Fountain Aesthetics Offers Safe and Effective Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal at Fountain Aesthetics is a quick and easy way to eliminate unwanted hair from all body parts.

laser hair removalDelta, BC — Sept — Fountain Aesthetics is a skin care center that provides safe laser hair removal for all skin types. It's an excellent alternative to traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, and tweezing. Furthermore, laser hair removal provides good benefits to their clients, including a relatively painless procedure, softening the residual body hair, and semi-permanent to permanent hair removal. Fountain Aesthetics only uses the highest-quality equipment and technology to ensure safe and effective procedures.

“The beauty and texture of your skin are essential to us, and we appreciate the people who place their trust in us when they visit our skin care laser clinic. Our customer satisfaction and service are our top priorities. We aim to fulfill your particular demands so that you leave our laser clinic satisfied and happy with your Fountain beauty experience.” said a spokesperson from Fountain Aesthetics

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that removes unwanted hair using a concentrated beam of light. A wavelength of light goes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft during laser hair removal. This absorption raises the warmth of the hair follicle and causes hair destruction. Fountain Aesthetics is an industry leader in safe and effective laser hair removal treatments.

laser hair removalFountain Aesthetic offers more than just laser hair removal. For example, they offer Botox, fillers, skin rejuvenation, lipolysis, micro-needling, and more. These treatments are essential for maintaining good body and skin health and are appropriate for individuals who desire to achieve their ideal look.

About Company:

Fountain Aesthetics is pleased to offer a wide range of skincare clinic treatments to assist its clients in looking their best. Their personnel is highly competent and experienced, providing their client's outstanding service. Furthermore, they provide counseling to their clients and have an easily accessible location, on the border of Surrey and Delta, BC. 

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Fountain Aesthetics

7511 120 St Unit 103
Delta, BC V4C 0C1

Fountain Aesthetics

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