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Signs That It's Time to Get a New Thermostat Thursday, September 22nd, 7:00 PM
HVAC Professionals in Greensburg, PA, Share Signs That Indicate a Faulty Thermostat

Irwin, United States - September 22, 2022 / Warhold Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning /

When Should Homeowners Replace the Thermostat? 

On average, a thermostat lasts about ten years. With a well-functioning thermostat, homeowners can reap the benefits of good indoor air quality and comfortable temperatures. With a poorly-functioning thermostat, one may see an increase in their monthly energy bills, problems getting the desired temperature, and short cycling. 

Homeowners don’t have to struggle with the burden of a non-functional thermostat––especially as temperatures drop. This blog discusses the signs of a faulty thermostat that indicates it may be time for a replacement. If homeowners have any questions about replacing or fixing a thermostat, they should consult with a heating and cooling technician in their area.  

Higher Energy Bills 

billEvery homeowner should have a basic idea of how much their energy bills cost each month. Most HVAC systems run on electricity or gas. If one notices an unexplained spike in the bill for the utility their system uses, this could point to a broken thermostat

But why would a struggling thermostat cause high energy bills? The answer is simple. If the thermostat can’t properly communicate with the system, the system works “overtime” to achieve the desired temperature. This can cause the system to run longer cycles or short ones with more starting and stopping. Not only does this lead to high energy bills, but it can decrease the AC and heating system’s lifespan. 

Incorrect Temperature Readings  

temperatureEven if the thermostat gives one reading, that doesn’t necessarily mean the home is at that temperature. Incorrect temperature readings are another sign of a faulty thermostat and can cause homeowners to: 

  • Keep adjusting the thermostat. If the temperature on the thermostat is incorrect, the temperature in a home may not feel right, causing homeowners to keep adjusting the thermostat and increasing energy bills. 
  • Turn to other devices. A homeowner may need to rely on fans or space heaters to keep their home at the desired temperature if the thermostat is incorrect. 
  • Experience discomfort. With an improperly-functioning thermostat, the temperature may not be comfortable for homeowners, and indoor humidity can increase. This can cause homeowners to feel hotter inside than if they were outside. It can also lead to mold growth, which can lead to respiratory problems. 

To check if the temperature reading on the thermostat is accurate, homeowners can use a thermometer. Just make sure to put the thermometer as close as possible to the thermostat. 

The Unit Short Cycles 

When an HVAC system short cycles, the unit runs for heating or cooling cycles that are too short and turns on and off too frequently. The shorter cycles don’t allow homes to reach the desired temperature, and the unit will experience more wear and tear. The home’s electrical grid could also face strain as well. 

But what causes a system to short cycle? It could point to a problem with the thermostat. If the air conditioner short cycles, it likely means that the thermostat isn’t properly communicating with the rest of the HVAC system. In that instance, one should consult a trained professional. They can examine the whole system, including the thermostat, then identify and fix the problem. 

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