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A Practical Guide to Preventing Clogged Toilets Friday, September 23rd, 8:00 PM
O’Fallon, MO plumbers help homeowners prevent clogged toilets.

Lake Saint Louis, United States - September 23, 2022 / Craftsman Plumbing Company /

What Causes Chronic Clogged Toilets?

When homeowners think of a plumbing problem, the first horror that usually comes to mind is a toilet backing up and spilling across the bathroom floor. Indeed, clogged toilets are the scourge of home plumbing, and they can create messes at the worst and inconveniences at the least. Unfortunately, no handbook comes with a home to instruct homeowners how to keep their plumbing cleared of clogs. Luckily, some caring professionals are eager to help. 

Keeping toilets from clogging is as simple as developing a few good habits. With a few simple changes, homeowners can go from chronic toilet clogs to none in a very short amount of time. Here is the best advice from local professionals about preventing clogged toilets. 

Pay Special Attention to What Gets Flushedflushed

One of the bigger and more difficult causes of toilet clogs is what goes down the toilet. Plumbers are constantly surprised by what ends up in people’s toilets during everyday life. Things like toys and toothbrushes are outliers, but the most common cause of toilet clogs is people who intentionally flush things that one shouldn’t. 

When it comes to listing things that one shouldn’t flush, it’s easier to list what should be flushed:

That’s it. Everything else should be discarded in the trash. Never flush things like:

  • Wipes, even if they are called “flushable”
  • Feminine products
  • Hygiene products like cotton balls or swabs
  • Paper towels 
  • Tissues
  • Diapers 



Use the Right Toilet Paper and Use Less

The reasoning behind what can and can’t be flushed is simple. Toilet paper is designed to be sturdy enough to do its job but fragile enough to break up as the toilet is flushed. Even flushable wipes don’t break up. Instead, they flow into the sewer line, where they can settle to the bottom of the pipe and cause a terrible clog. This also means that homeowners should pay attention that their toilet paper is breaking up as intended when it is flushed. 

Not only are some toilet papers too sturdy to break apart during a flush, but often people use too much at once and try to flush it all down. Instead, change techniques to use less toilet paper overall or try to flush several times to allow all of the toilet paper to break up and flow easily down sewer pipes. 

Keep the Sewer Line Clean 

Finally, many toilet clogs are caused by clogs in the sewer line that prevent complete waste flushing. Making sure the sewer line stays clean is a great way to ensure toilets won’t clog. Luckily, this is as easy as making a change to a few habits as well. To lessen the likelihood of sewer clogs, try things like:

  • Discarding food scraps in the trash
  • Never pouring cooking grease down the sink
  • Installing hair traps in sinks and tubs
  • Routinely cleaning drains
  • Cut trees back away from buried plumbing
  • Keeping foreign matter out of drains

To supercharge the performance of sewer lines, many homeowners also schedule routine drain cleaning for their homes to prevent small problems from getting bigger. 

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