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Invaluable Guidelines To Help With A Last-Minute Move! Monday, August 22nd, 11:00 AM
Some Excellent Tips For When Moving At The Last Minute!

Bryan, United States - August 22, 2022 / G&M Haulers /

Moving usually involves weeks or even months of planning; however, when someone has to relocate in a hurry, those moves can be stressful.

The good news is that stress can be minimized with a good plan for a last-minute move.

Once the movers are reserved, these tips can help anyone have a smooth move, even if it is a fast or unexpected one!

1. Hire A Mover and Set A Date

Time is of the essence, so as soon as it is known that a move is required, quickly research moving companies and find one that can handle the job by the required date.

Schedule a moving date and pay the deposit to set it in stone, then plan accordingly.

2. Create A Plan

Documenting a plan for last-minute moves is an essential part of getting everything done on time.

Set the moving date as the final goal for this plan and create a moving checklist of everything that needs to be accomplished beforehand.

Check things off as they are taken care of so that progress can be seen and motivation to get to the end of the list stays high.

3. Downsize and Minimize

One of optimal ways to speed up a last-minute relocation is to reduce the number of belongings that must be packed up, loaded by the movers, and taken to a new residence.

A yard sale is a great idea for getting rid of some items and making a few dollars as well if it can be arranged quickly at least.

If not, consider weeding through for unneeded items and donating them, giving to family or friends, or simply tossing things that qualify for the trash.

4. Pack Now, Sort Later

Don’t waste time sorting things - just grab some boxes and packing materials and start packing things.

To reduce confusion afterward, try to keep boxes filled with contents from the same rooms and label them by room.

When adding items that belong in other places, label those items specifically so they can be later found more quickly.

5. Pack An Essentials Box

Reduce the frustration of misplaced important items during last-minute moves by setting aside an Essentials Box to store important items that must be accounted for.

Keep paperwork, medications, contact numbers, basic toiletries, keys, financial items, and anything else that is essential to the move and to get started initially at the new location in this box and carry it personally during the relocation

6. Remember Other Relocation Essentials

Do remember that there is more to moving than just hiring a company, packing boxes, and leaving.

School, financial, and medical records must be transferred, address changes must be completed, utility services must be set up ahead of time, and more.

These other moving essentials should be documented as part of the overall moving plan so they can be checked off one by one as they are addressed to ensure stress-free unpacking once the relocation is made.

7. Make A Packing Station

To streamline the packing process, make a packing station on a table somewhere and set it up with tape, markers, packing materials, labels, and boxes so that none of these items are missing when they are needed.

Pack, seal, and label boxes, then stack them for the movers as close to the exits as possible to stage them for faster loading.

Hiring Full-Service Movers Can Make Any Move Easy

Moving at the last minute can be frustrating and stressful.

Fortunately, with a plan and a process, these moves can be less complicated than they can sometimes become.

What can also help? Hiring full-time movers to handle all of the packing so that precious time can be used to make all the other arrangements.


Contact an experienced local moving service such as G&M Haulers to schedule a last-minute move and plan together so it happens without a hitch!

Finding a great local moving service is vital to any large or small move and G&M Haulers has years of experience moving people in the area, so call them at (979) 612-2686 to reserve that moving date!

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