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STERN Law Debuts Trusted Colleague Network for Lawyers Who Give Referrals Monday, July 4th, 1:00 PM
Attorneys Participating in Referral Program from STERN Law to Receive Professional Development Resources

Atlanta, United States - July 4, 2022 / STERN Law /

STERN Law Debuts Trusted Colleague Network for Lawyers Who Give Referrals

ATLANTA, Georgia – Recognizing the need to transfer referral information between attorneys in a faster, streamlined process, STERN Law has created the Trusted Colleague Network. The referral program allows attorneys and professional organizations to submit an online form that alerts the law firm and personally notifies Jessica Stern, owner, and managing attorney.

“Lawyers are busy. Their support teams are busy,” Stern says. “We have a flood of information constantly coming at us. The Trusted Colleague Network addresses the problem of client referrals becoming lost in the shuffle of texts, calls, voicemail, and email.”

Attorneys and professional organizations that use the Trusted Colleague Network are guaranteed that they will be contacted immediately by an intake employee and that their clients will receive priority scheduling for a consultation.

As a token of appreciation, participants in the Trusted Colleague Network will receive access to professional development resources, including business coaches, and training on Padilla immigration consequences. Stern and her team developed the immigration training program, named after the 2010 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in Padilla v. Kentucky, to help criminal defense attorneys become knowledgeable about the immigration consequences of criminal charges.

“These free resources are a way of thanking our colleagues for their referrals,” Stern says. “We believe the business information and the Padilla training will be of great benefit to our colleagues, as both will help to develop their expertise and build their organizations.”

The referral form is located at https://sternlawfirm.us/referrals.

About STERN Law 

At STERN Law, we defend the American Dream for all non-U.S. citizens! We are not intimidated by your past or your record. In fact, we encourage all non-U.S. citizens with criminal records to hire us to get their criminal cases dismissed or removed and to secure legal immigration status for you and your family in the United States of America.

Trust us because we know how intimidating it is to walk into a courtroom or government building, where your freedom and liberty are at stake. We also know how hard it is to understand the legal process and the rights that you have as a non-U.S. citizen. Rest assured that if you hire STERN Law you will be made fully aware of all options surrounding your situation as well as several strategies. You will gain an experienced legal team who will use their expertise and compassion to relentlessly help you achieve your desired result.

If you feel confused, alone, or judged by the system, let STERN Law serve as your most trusted counsel.

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Jessica Stern
(404) 990-4112

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