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Follow These 3 Water-Saving Tips for Summer Savings Wednesday, June 22nd, 3:16 PM
Expert plumbers in Lake Saint Louis, MO, give homeowners advice to help lower water bills this summer.

Lake Saint Louis, United States - June 20, 2022 / Craftsman Plumbing Company /

Save Money on Summer Water Bills

People spend all year long saving up for summer vacations. Too often, money gets needlessly wasted on bills when it could be going to fund a summer getaway. Lowering bills around the home can help free up some much-needed capital and help families save for a vacation.

One of the areas where homeowners can save money is the water bill. The summertime is probably the season with the highest water usage, so maximizing water savings during the hot season makes sense. Here are some tips from local experts that can help homeowners save money during the summer by conserving water.

Use Water-Saving Devices

low-flow showerheadThe best way to save money on the water bill is to figure out ways to use less water. But, this doesn't mean that homeowners have to suffer. By installing a few water-saving devices around the home, homeowners can save big on their water bills over the summer. To reduce water usage without sacrificing convenience or comfort:

  • Install low-flow showerheads in every bathroom to save on showering rituals for residents and summer guests
  • Use water-saving toilets to reduce flushed water by as much as 60%
  • Simple hose nozzles can minimize water usage while landscaping
  • Put aerators in sink faucets to use water for rinsing more effectively

In most municipalities, reducing water usage doubles savings by reducing sewer costs. So homeowners can double their savings during the summer by spending a few dollars on upgrading to water-saving devices.

Know When to Water the Lawn For Maximum Savings

water the lawnOne of the most significant increases in summer water usage is for irrigation and landscaping. Landscaping around a home adds value and beauty to the property, but it comes at a cost, especially during the warmer months when extra water is required to help it grow. Knowing how to maximize irrigation water can lead to a huge reduction in water bills without causing the landscape to suffer.

When watering the lawn in summer, homeowners should constantly water in the early morning. Once the sun is up, irrigation water will evaporate before the plants can absorb it, meaning it does nothing to help the landscape. Early watering prevents water loss from evaporation by giving the irrigation water plenty of time to soak into the soil and be taken up by plants.

Habit Changes to Reduce Water Usage

Apart from installing water-saving devices, much of the savings homeowners can get from their water bills involve changing habits around their water usage. All too often, the members that make up a household waste a ton of water simply from not being mindful about their water usage. To maximize water savings, get everyone in the house to do things like:

  • Look into water softeners to make water more effective at rinsing off soap and residues
  • Take shorter showers or even consider turning off the water while lathering and scrubbing
  • Shave in the sink with a basin full of water instead of doing so in the shower
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • Wait until dishwashers and clothes washers are full before running a load

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