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Plumber Pretoria East Branch - Brand New Plumbing Branch Sunday, June 30th, 4:15 PM
A new plumbing company has been established in the eastern parts of Pretoria

Centurion, South Africa - June 29, 2019 / Danie Plumbing Pro's /

When you investigate the plumbing industry, it can be difficult to determine who the authority plumbing companies are in any given area. There are many different components one can look at to determine authority in the plumbing niche.

Plumber Pretoria Tips to Determine Plumbing Authority

Do they have a variety of plumbing vehicles who can service calls that’s coming in? That determines whether they have operational capacity in their business.

Do they have a strong online presence? If so, that means they are moving with the times and take their online image seriously. That shows you this is a forward thinking, business minded company who does not fall behind in terms of new, more efficient ways to do things. When a plumbing business keeps up to date with online changes, then you can assume that they will keep up to date with the newest changes in the plumbing industry as well. This means they will recommend and apply plumbing technologies in your home or office that is current and up to date.

Plumber in Pretoria East fixing a blocked drain

Another metric you can use is expansion. Does the company have the capacity and the determination to expand? That shows drive and efficiency within their industry. It also shows that they have enough clients and cashflow to justify expansion.

Plumber Pretoria East Expansion

This is exactly what Pro Plumber Pretoria (Pty) Ltd did. They recently expanded by establishing an office in the eastern parts of Pretoria. With the exceptional growth they experienced over the last few months in Pretoria East, they decided to open their Plumber Pretoria East branch. This branch will focus exclusively on plumbing requirements of clients in Pretoria East. Pro Plumber Pretoria (Pty) Ltd also opened a branch, Plumber Centurion a few months ago. This made sense given the large amount of calls they got for plumbers in the Centurion area.

This is a great sign for Pro Plumber Pretoria (Pty) Ltd. This plumbing company is obviously doing something right in order to expand so quickly. When speaking to the owner, Niel Daniels, he gave some insight as to the reason for their success: “Our philosophy is simple. Have a client centric approach. We believe in accountability and therefore we have a moneyback guarantee. If our clients are not happy, or if a member of our team did a shoddy job, then we will either redo the job at no charge or give the client their money back.”

The Future of Plumber Pretoria East

When asking him how many claim backs they have had thus far he said the following: “None! I believe the reason for that is the exceptional team that we have. All our plumbers are qualified, and we are an IOPSA registered plumbing company. If you have qualified staff who understands that the success of the company (and ultimately their job security) is dependent on how well we do our job, then it’s not issue to motivate them to do a good job. They are internally motivated”.

Drains overflowing in Pretoria, South Africa

It seems as if this plumbing company have some big goals for the future. They intend to capture most of the plumbing market in Pretoria, Pretoria North, Pretoria West, Pretoria East and Centurion.

Niel explained that he does not fear the competition as 80% of the competition has no chance against Pro Plumber Pretoria (Pty) Ltd. According to him, his competitors lack in skills, qualifications and experience. They have all 3. He also feels that their focus on online client acquisition strategies, sets them miles apart. They have a solid online strategy that keeps their phones ringing off the hook.

His eyes opened up for the power of online media when one of his clients were looking for plumbers in George. After he investigated the market, he saw a plumbing company in George who was just everywhere. This company was in the Google Maps, Google Advertising and his website was ranking nr 1 in Google as well. That's when Niel realised that this company has a solid online marketing strategy that he needs to copy.

These guys are here to stay, that’s for sure. If you want to get in contact with this company, you will find their contact details on this page.

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