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Aspen Family Dentistry Now Offering Same-Day CEREC in Centennial, CO Wednesday, April 13th, 11:00 PM
Aspen Springs Dental has decades of experience providing dental services in Centennial, CO

Centennial, United States - April 13, 2022 / Aspen Springs Dental /

Aspen Family Dentistry Now Offering Same-Day CEREC in Centennial, CO


Aspen Springs Dental has decades of experience providing high-quality dental services to the Centennial, Colorado, community. With an impressive team of dental professionals, Aspen Springs Dental offers many oral health services to its patients. The dental office provides exceptional service by utilizing the best, most current technology on the market, including CEREC, CAD, CAM, and E4D.

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What Are CEREC, CAD, CAM, and E4D Technology?

The acronym CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic. Simply put, it is a more efficient method of creating dental restorations.

As dental technology improves, dental care experts can rely more on modern innovations to create perfect-fitting temporary crowns for their patients. The CEREC system relies on CAD, CAM, and E4D technology to craft a high-quality dental restoration.

  • CAD - A Computer-Aided Design refers to using a computer to create a crown model that fits a patient’s mouth exactly. Computers eliminate the possibility of human error, so patients do not have to worry about whether their crowns will come outright.
  • CAM - Computer-Aided Manufacturing uses the digital impression from a CAD to fabricate a realistic CEREC crown, implant, or bridge.
  • E4D - An E4D system makes it possible for dental professionals to create inlays and Onlays, crowns, and other restoration products within one day. Therefore, dentists can use a CEREC machine for every patient. CEREC technology shortens the restoration process significantly.


Benefits of Modern Dental Technology

Patients and dentists who use CEREC technology face many benefits, including the following.

Same-Day CEREC Now Available in Centennial

Dental technology is at a point where the oral health experts at Aspen Springs Dental can provide same-day CEREC in Centennial for patients. Before, dentists sent digital impressions to a specialized lab to create a crown for their patients. The process would take weeks to complete.

Now, As[en Springs dentists can finish the dental restoration process within a couple of hours.


Many dental patients complain about the way their crowns fit in their mouths. By using CEREC technology, this concern is no longer valid. Our computer systems create crowns to fit each patient’s mouth perfectly.

Other CEREC benefits include long-lasting results and shorter appointments.

Make an Appointment With Aspen Springs Dental Today

Aspen Springs Dental offers same-day CEREC in Centennial, CO, and its surrounding communities to its patients.

To inquire about dental crown services, call the offices of Aspen Springs Dental at (303) 586-4736.

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