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Self Care Tips for a Relaxing Night In! Thursday, March 10th, 1:00 AM
Plumbing technicians in the O’Fallon area want to share amazing and relaxing bathroom renovations.

Lake Saint Louis, United States - March 9, 2022 / Craftsman Plumbing Company /

Indulge in Self Care with a Bathroom Oasis 

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by a bathroom oasis? This Valentine's Day, homeowners should treat themselves to a relaxing night with a luxury spa restoration! Many devices, spa tubs, and showers can create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Plumbing technicians and bathroom remodelers are happy to help homeowners create their dream oasis with things like LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and rain shower attachments! It is no wonder this style of bathroom is thriving.

The Overall Benefits of Taking Bathsbenefits

Taking long baths in warm water has a lot of benefits. Homeowners should upgrade their current bathrooms and install a large bathtub. The best way to go about this is to call a bathroom remodeling contractor for advice and a quote.

Not only are these large and luxurious bathtubs comfortable and calming, but they can improve circulation and sleep. Some bathtubs have water jets that place pressure on the muscles. This can relax a homeowner’s body, resulting in relaxation and sleepiness.

Since stress, pressure, and blood pressure is connected, once a person relieves their stress, their blood pressure is likely to stabilize and drop. Homeowners interested in stress relief can also use aromas in the form of bath salts, bath bombs, and essential oils.

Add Some Lights and Color to Bath Time

Homeowners looking to add some color and a twist to their bathroom time should install LED lights. These lights are waterproof and vibrant. Modern options allow homeowners to connect the lights to a Bluetooth device to modify the colors and patterns.

A benefit that comes with using lights in the bath is chromatherapy. This type of therapy uses colors and flashing lights to modify a person’s emotional and physical state. Most of the time, the therapy occurs in the shower. It is a good technique for homeowners who want to lighten their mood! 

showerEnjoy a Relaxing Rain Shower

Who doesn’t love the sound of pittering rain? Homeowners now have the option to construct a relaxing rain shower. Depending on the design and the exact ‘wants.’

For example, a bathroom remodeler could install a spa tub with a long shower head that acts like rainwater. There are shower installations with light water jets that are controllable and feel like rain.

Some shower installations also come with Bluetooth speakers, smart technology, and LED lights. The design is completely up to the homeowner! Bluetooth speakers can connect to a phone and play virtually anything! This does take time to install and build properly, though.

If a shower and bathtub are already in place, the plumbing technician and contractor will need to work together to replace a shower.

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