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Arbor Pro Tree Experts offer deep-rooted tree fertilization in Englewood, CO Tuesday, March 1st, 3:55 AM
Tree care experts outline the importance of deep-rooted tree fertilization for tree growth

Lakewood, United States - February 28, 2022 / Arbor Pro Tree Experts Co. Inc. /

It's important to note that your turf isn't the only component of your landscape that requires fertilization! Your trees also need a lot of fertilizer to make up for the minerals and nutrients that have been lost in the soil.

And this isn’t simply just spraying fertilizers around the roots; it requires deep root fertilization done by experts.

The experts at Englewood CO Tree Service expand on everything you should know about deep tree fertilization.

What Is Deep Tree Fertilization?

Deep root tree fertilization is a tree care procedure that involves injecting a liquid fertilizer into the soil and fertilizing the plants. It's a great technique to make sure your plants are getting enough nutrients while also aerating the soil. This is especially important in cities because the soil in the suburbs is often deficient in nutrients.

Working with specialists who provide dependable tree care service is beneficial when it comes to deep root fertilization. They will evaluate your trees and administer the liquid fertilizer using tree injection equipment. 

4 Signs That Your Tree Needs Fertilizer

  • Dying branches: If you observe that many of the little branches and twigs towards the top and sides of your tree are dead, it’s extremely likely that the soil lacks enough nutrients for your tree to feed these peripheral branches. This isn't to say that your tree should be clipped and kept small. 
  • Yellowing of the Leaves: Yellow leaves are a common sign of stress in trees that are having difficulty growing. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the color of the leaves to make sure they're getting enough nutrition.
  • Smaller Leaves: It may be difficult to detect, but if the leaves are getting smaller each year, it's a sign that the soil's nutrients are being depleted. If you have the chance to compare leaf sizes, you can figure out if your tree needs more nutrients.
  • Improper New Shoot Growth: If new shoots don’t reach the 6-inch level, the tree isn't getting enough nutrition. Fertilizing can help it stay healthy and flourish in general.

    About Arbor Pro Tree 

    Arbor Pro Tree Experts is a top tree care company in Englewood, CO, and they offer deep fertilization services.

    Their team would look at your tree to see if it needs deep fertilization. They are also your go-to provider for other tree services to keep your tree healthy all year long. Call Arbor Pro Tree Experts at 13039350005 to get a free estimate or learn more about their services.

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