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Dyson Law, PLLC Releases FREE Pain & Suffering Tracker Wednesday, February 2nd, 5:30 PM
Delray Beach, Florida-Based Personal Injury Attorney Peter Dyson Releases FREE Pain & Suffering Tool

Delray Beach, United States - February 2, 2022 / Dyson Law, PLLC /

Dyson Law, PLLC Releases FREE Pain & Suffering Tracker

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – Personal Injury Attorney Peter Dyson of Dyson Law, PLLC is pleased to announce the release of a FREE tool designed to help injured people receive the most compensation possible for pain and suffering in the aftermath of an accident. The Pain & Suffering Tracker, now available on their website, is designed to help people make the most impact when describing their pain and suffering to the other side. 

Dyson created the tool with six common questions posed by the other side to enable the injured to offer a compelling, day-by-day description of how their accident affects their lives. “When someone has suffered an accident and injury due to another’s negligence, time is not on their side,” Dyson explains. “I designed the free Pain & Suffering Tracker as a valuable and effective tool to help people accurately answer the six most common questions the other side will ask them. The more descriptive they can be, the better their chances of receiving the best compensation possible for their injuries. I invite anyone who has suffered a personal injury to download the Pain & Suffering Tracker today and reach out to us at (561) 498-9979.” 

Download your FREE Pain & Suffering Tracker

For more information, visit https://dysonlaw.com/

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Dyson Law, PLLC traces its roots to Metnick, Levy & Dyson. We continue the proud tradition started by the patriarch, Ken Metnick. Dyson Law, PLLC will continue Ken Metnick’s philosophy of being a tough, aggressive, and passionate advocate willing to take on complex cases and stand strong. At Dyson Law, PLLC, we combine an old-school work ethic with the latest technology to give value to each of our clients. Our smaller attorney-to-client ratio allows us to provide a personalized experience and keep our clients informed every step of the way.

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