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Zero Halliburton: Luxury and Durable Carry- On Luggage is Designed to Protect! Tuesday, January 18th, 12:35 PM
Luxury Carry-On Luggage Collection by Zero Halliburton With More Than 70 Years of Excellence

New York, United States - January 17, 2022 / Zero Halliburton /

Zero Halliburton was created by American industrialist Erle Halliburton to survive the harsh environment of the Midwest oil fields. He was bred for protection, strength, and dependability. For more than 80 years, it has been the preferred choice of discerning travelers due to its eye-catching design and durable aluminum exterior.

The brand has been entrusted with treasures such as moon rocks from the Apollo 11 mission, the rarest of gemstones, and blueprints for some of the world's greatest architecture. Today, Zero Halliburton is sought after globally by travelers looking for Travel Cases, Carry-On, Backpacks, Attaché Cases, that combine unpretentious luxury with practical functions to protect their personal treasures.

The luxury carry-on luggage collection by Zero Halliburton includes a wide range of cabin-sized, wheeled luggage in a variety of hard and soft-side materials such as the Edge, Pursuit, and Classic ultra-protective aluminum, lightweight polycarbonate, advanced carbon fiber, and durable nylon. Convenience features, color options, and a range of sizes ranging from 17 to 22 inches ensure that the case is ideal for any travel style. Maintaining your Zero Halliburton travel cases is very important depending on the style you chose. For cleaning instructions please visit our website.

Zero Halliburton products are manufactured to the highest industry standards and are covered by the "Zero Halliburton Five (5) Year Limited Warranty Plan." This warranty applies to any Zero Halliburton travel, business, or casual bag, regardless of material composition, and is only valid on Zero Halliburton products purchased from authorized Zero Halliburton dealers, retail stores, outlet locations, or the Zero Halliburton website.

We also provide Zero Global Tracking (ZGT), a free service that can reunite Zero Halliburton owners with a misplaced, lost, or stolen bag. Zero Global Tracking is available in the following Zero Halliburton collections: Carbon Fiber travel, Classic Aluminum 2.0, Classic Polycarbonate 2.0, Geo 3.0 Aluminum, Geo 3.0 Aluminum Attaché, and ZRL Polycarbonate travel.

The Zero Global Tracking system is based on the unique 12-digit Tracking Number or UID (Unique Identification Code) found on the product's ZGT Plate. To use this feature, you must first enter your unique ZGT/UID number and current contact information into Zero Global. Please visit our website to see our collection of luxury carry-ons and travel cases and accessories such as luggage covers today!

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