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Destination Concepts: Offering Full-Service Virtual Events in San Diego, CA Tuesday, January 18th, 12:40 PM
Planning Virtual and Hybrid Events for Your Organization: Destination Concepts in San Diego, CA

San Diego, United States - January 17, 2022 / Destination Concepts /

Being disrupted by the pandemic isn’t far from our minds. The panicked scramble to reschedule and refocus live, in-person events continues. As a result, virtual event platforms in San Diego, CA, have developed a new understanding that remote, virtual events will be an important part of the future. That’s where Destination Concepts can help!

Whether your team has adopted a hybrid schedule or a completely remote model, the importance of celebrating your organization's victories, celebrations, and anniversaries cannot be overstated. Many organizations will continue to prioritize secure live events. The ability to pivot to an engaging virtual event, on the other hand, will remain a critical strategic choice.

Who has been to a meeting or conference that was supposed to be a live, in-person event but had to be rescheduled as a virtual event? There are numerous hands in the air. Destination Concepts, fortunately, can help. Our creative team has spent the last two years assisting businesses and organizations of all sizes in reimagining, reshaping, and reinventing their in-person galas and incentive programs into virtual experiences.

Separation and distance are just some of the characteristics typical of pre-pandemic virtual event planning. Experience is essential whether you're running a completely virtual meeting or conference or simply accommodating people who can't attend in person. Experiential giving from Destination Concepts provides a variety of options that will thrill and engage audience and event participants in ways you never thought possible. From seasonal apparel and recognition gifts to hand-picked food and beverage bundles, your event is completely customized.

The event design and production services provided by Destination Concepts in San Diego, CA, go above and beyond. We collaborate with each of our clients to design custom activity kits, online cooking, wine tasting, and art instruction classes, corporate and industry gala celebration boxes, high-end gifts for organizational award winners, and more.

Even if going digital wasn't your original intention, your event can still be spectacular. Contact Destination Concepts today if you are planning a workshop, large conference, or sales gala. 

Destination Concepts has embraced virtual and hybrid events by offering full-service virtual production in San Diego, CA, as well as design services such as an in-house stage and studio, set design, engagement strategies, and more. Call or visit our website for more information on our virtual and hybrid events today!

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