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Don't Forget to Put a Sump Pump on the Holiday Wishlist! Monday, December 27th, 10:25 AM
Sump pump services in Lake St. Louis, MO offer advice to help keep homes safe and dry.

Lake Saint Louis, United States - December 23, 2021 / Craftsman Plumbing Company /

New Sump Pump for the Holidays Could Spare a Home From a Disaster

Most people don’t have trouble thinking of things they want for the holidays. Some good home improvement equipment may be a nice idea for those who need some suggestions. A sump pump may not be the most exciting holiday gift, but it is one of the most practical gifts that one could give. Sump pumps are important equipment that protect the home from flooding and mold infection. 

Take some advice from local sump pump installation specialists and consider asking for or giving this practical gift this Christmas. 

Why Are Sump Pumps Necessary?

Sump pumps safely pump water or sewage away from areas where it could cause damage. In most homes, a sump pump will be located in a basement to pump away groundwater that seeps up inside the home or gray water from a sink or shower. Instead of allowing the water to pool in the basement where it could damage flooring or encourage mold growth, the water is pumped away to storm drains or the sewer. 

Another common location for a sump pump is in low-lying landscaping. Pooling water is a problem for the foundation of a home. In a well-designed home, one will construct the build site so water flows away from the home. In some cases, this is impossible, so sump pumps are used to pump away excess rainwater that could sit up next to the house and damage the foundation or enter the basement. 

What to Know About Sump Pumpspumps

There are a few key features to know when shopping for a sump pump. The different types of pumps are: 
  • Pedestal Pump: Usually cheaper and easier to service. The motor sits above the water and uses a long shaft to turn the pump in the sump basin. 
  • Submersible Pump: The pump and motor are housed in the same waterproof unit. These are usually more reliable and operate more quietly. 
  • Battery-powered Pump: All sump pumps need power to operate, making the home vulnerable in the event of power outages. Battery backup pumps protect the home even when the power goes out. 

pumpBackup Sump Pumps

Sump pumps’ primary purpose is to keep water from invading a home. This happens naturally as groundwater levels rise, but usually, it happens in conjunction with a weather event like storms or heavy rains. Coincidentally, these are the times when power is most likely to be lost, and water levels are most likely to rise. 

Battery backup sump pumps solve this problem. Battery backup sump pumps can be bought as a single unit to fit existing drainage basins or used in conjunction with existing equipment. These units can kick on automatically, just like a regular sump pump in the event of an outage. 

They also make a handy backup for when the main sump pump fails. By having two pumps in service, homeowners can hedge their bets that a flood won’t damage their basement. 

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