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Construction Lawyer Brisbane launches new SecurityOfPaymentsactQLD.com.au site Monday, December 20th, 12:45 PM
The new website intends to be the go-to reference for a guide on Queensland's Security of Payments Act.

Spring Hill, Australia - December 20, 2021 / Construction Lawyers Brisbane /

Construction Lawyers Brisbane - Construction Lawyer

Albert Merolla - Engineer / QS / PM / QLD Solicitor - the Principle of Construction Lawyer Brisbane is pleased to have created a brand-new website – SecurityofPaymentsActQLD.com.au. The new website intends to be the go-to reference for a guide on Queensland's Security of Payments Act.

Albert Merolla, a construction lawyer, provides unique insights into the payment procedure for contractors. Merolla recognizes that any contractor (the Claimant under the SOP Act) has a statutory right to monthly progress payments in Brisbane Queensland. He also understands the importance and utility of the Security of Payments Act in Queensland; therefore, he created a website dedicated to the Act and its application.

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Merolla’s new website https://securityofpaymentsactqld.com.au/ in its introduction section breaks down in plain language the purpose of the Security of Payments Act of Queensland. “The main purpose of the Security of Payments Act QLD is to help contractors working in the building and construction industry in being paid for the work they do.”

Additionally, the user-friendly website addresses the multiple components of the Act such as the claim process, payment claim requirements, payment schedule, adjudication application and response, and commonly asked questions. Commonly asked questions include important points such as,

  • I made a mistake in my payment claim, can I adjust the scope and value?
  • Are the periods of time allocated for the various actions in the SOP Act suggested or mandatory?
  • Are all works in a building ‘construction works’ under the SOP Act?
  • Am I allowed to charge for supervision, overhead and profit when firming up a PC sum?

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The website provides easy answers to these and many other critical concerns regarding this key piece of legislation, simplifying its application to day-to-day business. Furthermore, the website discusses whether an engineer/solicitor should be employed as a construction lawyer, diving into the nuances of locating the correct construction lawyer with the requisite qualifications.

SecurityofPaymentsActQLD.com.au is another handy tool for Queensland builders and contractors developed and created with the success of their businesses in mind.

About Albert Merolla, Principal - Engineer / QS / PM / QLD Solicitor and SecurityofPaymentsActQLD.com.au: Albert Merolla is an Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Specialist, and Planner who studied law and is now a Registered Solicitor and Adjudicator in Queensland under the Building Industry Fairness Act (Security of Payments) BIFA. The Principal at Construction Lawyer Brisbane, Merolla assists clients with contract reviews and defining terms and conditions, implementation of site administration systems and the drafting of contractual correspondence, drafts payment claims and payment schedules and adjudicates construction disputes as a Registered Adjudicator.

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Merolla began his career as a Design Engineer and worked his way up to become an experienced Engineering and Project Manager for companies such as Leighton, AECOM, Fluor, SNC Lavalin, Bechtel, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, Bateman Engineering, and Parsons International. During the execution of significant construction projects, he generated various project development ideas (business case, estimate, timetable, contract conditions) and oversaw subcontracts. His latest endeavor is the development of SecurityofPaymentsActQLD.com.au, a website dedicated to helping builders and contractors understand the Security of Payments Act QLD.

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CONTACT: To learn more about Albert Merolla or the website, Construction Lawyer Brisbane, or SecurityofPaymentsActQLC.com.au please contact us.

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